10 Grants That Entrepreneurs Need to Know About!

Calling all entrepreneurs! Did you know that grant funding opportunities are available to certain entrepreneurs throughout the year? In certain industries, grants can help expand the operations of entrepreneurial businesses through monetary donations, in-kind support (such as product donations), or development programs (including mentoring or seed funding).

Today, GrantWatch.com will be sharing 10 grants currently available to entrepreneurs. We hope one of these grants can make a difference for your business and help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

10 Grants Available to Entrepreneurs
  1. Firstly, we have in-kind support plus grants of up to $10,000 that are open to Black women entrepreneurs to support equal opportunities in business. 
  2. Grants to for-profit organizations (including startups) to collaborate with universities for research projects in any sector. 
  3. In-kind support and grants of up to $10,000 are available to women-owned businesses to support business development. 
  4. A $2,500 grant plus consultation services are open to high school seniors and university or trade school students to promote entrepreneurial aspirations. 
  5. Opportunities are available to students and startups to participate in an accelerator program devoted to food and beverage products.
  6. In-kind services and a grant of $2,500 are available to entrepreneurs to start or expand their businesses. 
  7. Opportunity for Black-owned businesses to participate in a business development program
  8. Fellowships of $5,000 to women entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries to help them lead and expand their early-stage businesses.
  9. Grants and in-kind support are offered to nonprofit technology organizations to offset start-up costs and provide start-up support. 
  10. Finally, opportunities are open to climate tech startups to participate in a business development program.

Find more available grants using the keyword search for ‘entrepreneur‘ — one of the many benefits available to subscribers of GrantWatch. Subscription plans are available to suit all budget types, starting from as low as $18.00.

Furthermore, new grants are constantly being added, so new grant opportunities will be available throughout the year. However, you need to make sure you read the eligibility criteria before applying as no two grants are the same!

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