Why Not Apply for These In-Kind Grants?

In-kind grants can be a great alternative for nonprofits looking for funding. Especially for new nonprofits, these types of grants can be a great way to get acquainted with the grant world and start building connections with grant funders.  An in-kind grant provides donations of goods, services, or time instead of cash.

When looking for funding, many nonprofits go straight for the grants with the largest monetary value. While these grants can certainly be rewarding for organizations in need of funding, they oftentimes can be more competitive and require a more complex grant proposal.

Many organizations don’t realize operational resources, expenditures, and programs could be funded with an in-kind grant. An in-kind grant (also known as a “grant-in-kind”), makes up roughly five percent of all grant funding available.

Today, GrantWatch is highlighting 10 in-kind grants that are currently accepting applications. These grants can make a big difference for your nonprofit. We hope this list finds you well and you are able to find a grant that works for your organization.

10 In-Kind Grants You Should Know About

  • There are also in-kind donations of computer equipment to USA and territories PreK-12 schools and educational nonprofit organizations.
  • In-kind grants for promotional products are available to nonprofit organizations, registered charities, faith-based organizations, and schools.
  • Healthcare organizations can also apply for in-kind donations of medical devices for patients in need. 
  • In-kind donations of equipment are available to USA and Puerto Rico nonprofit organizations, schools, and IHEs to advance science education. 
  • There are also in-kind donations of books for nonprofits, schools, colleges and universities, museums and libraries, and government agencies to build library collections.
  • Grants and in-kind donations are available to USA, Canada, and International nonprofits to support music programming in schools and communities.
  • Additionally, there are in-kind grants of gift cards worth up to $500 for nonprofit organizations, schools, and public agencies.
  • Educational institutions can apply for in-kind donations of equipment and software to update classroom technology. Funding is to increase visibility and expand access to AV systems. 
  • In-kind grants of goods and services are also open to organizations for distribution programs to support homeless, low-income, and disabled veterans.
  • Finally, there are in-kind grants of technology equipment of up to $50,000 available for nonprofits to help increase their productivity, cost-efficiency, and scalability.

GrantNews Notes

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