10 U.S. Workforce Grants in Honor of Labor Day

As the nation celebrates Labor Day and the American workforce, it is crucial to also think of ways to make this workforce even stronger. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has decreased to 5.2 percent, which is 0.2 percentage points lower than in July. This is higher than unemployment before the pandemic, which was around 3.5 percent. The Jobs report also disappoints with only 235,000 positions added in August 2021 vs. expectations of 720,000.

The job market is always changing and shifting. What skills people need can differ from year to year, leaving people struggling to adapt and stay a part of the workforce. Jobs that may have been a top market one year, could be replaced with another field the next. In order to keep the employed successful and help the unemployed find work, it is imperative people get the proper training for their field of choice.

Workforce development can mean the ability for a worker to obtain a higher-paying job. By providing employees with training and education, it makes them more valuable in a company’s eye. GrantWatch has a category dedicated to workforce-related grants. These grants include funding for individuals to prioritize professional development, which will help improve the overall economy of the U.S. Included below are 10 of these grants that are currently available on GrantWatch.

Grants For Workforce Development

  1. There are grants available to U.S. nonprofits for career development projects that benefit youth and veterans with disabilities. Grants of up to $75,000 are for projects that help individuals with disabilities acquire skills needed for career advancement.
  2. Grants to U.S. and territories nonprofit organizations, government agencies, for-profits, and IHEs for activities to improve the field of nursing. Funding is for innovative pilot programs that provide nurses with tools, knowledge, systems, and environments for enhanced care delivery.
  3. Awards to U.S. nonprofit organizations and individuals for contributions to community and economic development. Activities worthy of recognition include programs in workforce development, housing, financial literacy, social entrepreneurship, etc. that build sustainable communities.
  4. Grants to U.S. local, state, and tribal governments, and qualifying nonprofit organizations, IHEs, and other entities for programs that expand the regional STEM-related workforce capacity.
  5. There are grants available for U.S. nonprofit institutions and agencies for professional development of library and archives staff.
  6. Funding available for U.S. community outreach care centers for programs to train residents in rural and disadvantaged communities.
  7. There are grants available for women in the U.S. to pursue advanced degrees and course of studies. These $12,000 grants are for women looking to rejoin the workforce, seek professional advancement, and change their field of employment.
  8. Grants to U.S. nonprofit organizations for professional training and education projects that focus on staff and personnel working with seniors. 
  9. Cooperative agreement to a U.S. nonprofit or for-profit organization, agency, IHE, or trade union to create a collaborative to provide workforce assistance on a national level.
  10. Grants to U.S. and territories public and private local news organizations, including TV and radio stations, newspapers, journalism schools, digital sites, and media centers, to cover salaries for early-career journalists to join the staff. 

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