Impress Grant Funders with These 3 Tips!

Do you want to know the best way to impress grant funders? The secret lies within the grant application you submit. It is not a surprise that grant funders are unlikely to fund a poorly written proposal. However, sometimes even the best-written grant proposal can be rejected. This can be because the grant funder has serious questions about your organization’s capacity to carry out the scope of work described in the proposal.

The difference between being awarded a grant and being rejected depends on your preparation and efforts. Below, we’ve revealed the top 3 tips you can include in your grant application to help impress grant funders:

1. Including Proof & Evidence

One of the most important qualities funding sources looks for when they review grant applications is the supporting evidence. In a highly competitive scene, what you include in your grant proposal can be crucial to the outcome of your application. Read more on how to effectively use evidence in your grant application here.

2. Detailing Your Budget

To help increase your chances of winning a grant, ensure you set time aside to create a well-thought-out budget. A logical and well-supported budget will provide the assessor with confidence in your capacity to deliver the project.  Learn more tips about preparing a budget proposal here.

3. Using the 3 C’s of Writing

You will need to make a convincing case for why you should receive funding. Grant reviewers often have to read many grant applications. Any unnecessary detail makes it hard for them to assess an application. For this reason, funders prefer it when you keep to the point. Discover the 3 C’s of grant writing here.

In Summary

Overall, you need to show your competence and passion through your time and dedication. At no stage, should you rush any section of your grant application nor generalize any answers. Concise writing, detailed information, and supporting evidence are the key to impressing grant funders!

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