5 Grants for Women Our Subscribers Need to See

There are lots of negative things we could talk about, especially as it relates to the last 18 months. When it comes to how women have fared throughout the pandemic, there’s plenty of negative data points. There’s data regarding women falling out of the workforce, taking on most caregiving duties, even in two-parent households. That’s why grants for women are even more important right now.

And, according to USC’s Understanding Coronavirus in America Study, women without a college degree faced even more potential job losses and child-care responsibilities. Some of the reasons may include the absolute devastation in industries like restaurants, hotels, and other service industries. And many women have had to drop out of the job market entirely to take care of their children. That’s why it’s important that grants for women can go to help nonprofits to fill these gaps.

Other alarming statistics include rises in domestic or family violence and an increased risk of homelessness. These different negative statistics point to the importance of agencies and initiatives focused on helping women and girls. That’s why GrantWatch has an entire category dedicated to grants for women.

Can Grant Funding Help Improve the Lives of Women?

So, how can grant funding actually improve the lives of women and girls? In several ways. Grants can go towards helping women, especially from underrepresented communities, to access capital. It can help to provide educational opportunities. Nonprofits who apply for grants can use that fund for all kinds of projects that go towards improving quality of life.

Agencies helping with issues like gender-based violence can utilize grant funding. And educational opportunities and job training can improve social mobility and career furthering. These funds can help close the wage gap that was further exacerbated by the pandemic by improving access to STEM fields. And funds can even go towards providing basic needs.

GrantWatch is so proud to have an entire category for these grants. We know how important it is to update this wide variety of grants are with new and correct information. So we update and add new grants as they become available. And our researchers work hard to ensure that all of our listings are updated and that all new grants and ongoing ones have accessible information.

Here’s 5 Grants for Women That Can Benefit Our Subscribers:

  1. This grant will go to nonprofits and grassroots groups in Iowa that work towards improving women’s and girls’ lives.
  2. We also have these Grants listed for Missouri nonprofits to further economic success and job equity for women.
  3. And these Grants for Pennsylvania nonprofits for impactful projects help women and families to acquire access to resources and basic needs.
  4. These Grants to the USA and Nonprofits & Agencies improve criminal justice response to gender-based crime.
  5. Finally, this grant will go towards education and training opportunities for women in Kentucky to prepare them for future career opportunities.

All of these grants and more are listed under our grants for women category on GrantWatch. We welcome all of our readers and subscribers to check out this grant category and so many others on our site!

If you have any questions about any of our grant categories, feel free to reach out to our customer-support team! You can reach our team members by calling 561-249-4129.

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