5 Grants In Honor of National Hire a Veteran Day

National Hire a Veteran Day is all about making sure veterans have the resources and support they need to find work. In addition, the day encourages business owners to hire veterans. National Hire a Veteran Day was started by Dan Caporale, a Marine Corps veteran. Caporale is also the founder of the organization, Hire Our Heroes.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there were 19 million U.S. veterans in 2021. Many veterans have a hard time readjusting to society when they reintegrate into civilian life. This can be due to physical disabilities or mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, which they may face as a result of their time served.

As of 2020, Veterans Affairs noted that more than 60 percent of veterans entering PTSD programs did not have employment. Not only does this affect their financial status, but it can also impact their housing and overall quality of life.

While some veterans may have options lined up or find employment easier than others, there are still many in need of jobs. Potential employers may be surprised to learn that veterans are excellent job candidates. While serving their country, they have obtained skills that make them valuable assets in various roles. They may have experience with technology, engineering, cyber security, sales, healthcare, and trade work. They just need opportunities to adapt their training to the needs of employers.

For this reason, GrantWatch is highlighting some of the grants on our site to help veterans. These grants include funding for programs that support veterans, as well as funding for veterans themselves to participate in business programs or receive financial assistance. We hope you find these grants helpful! And remember, one of the best ways to honor a veteran is to hire one.

5 Grants to Help Veterans

  1. Grants are open to USA nonprofits for programs that assist veterans, military service members, and family members. Funding is for programs to improve the overall well-being and health of the military and veteran population.
  2. There are opportunities for USA veteran business owners to participate in a business development program. The program is to assist veterans with successful reintegration into civilian life. This can be through coaching and tools in management, marketing, financial topics, and strategic planning for sustainable business growth.
  3. Opportunities are also available for USA post-9/11 veterans with disabilities to participate in a program to build business management skills and resources related to entrepreneurship. Participants will receive training and mentoring as well as travel and lodging. Programs take place online and at universities throughout the country.
  4. Grants are also open to USA military veterans for financial support upon returning from deployment overseas. The purpose of funding is to ease the transition from military service to civilian life and to prevent veterans from entering the poverty cycle.
  5. Finally, there are grants of up to $5,000 to USA and Puerto Rico nonprofit organizations. This grant is for programs and services to enhance communities across the country. The funding can support a range of activities in the following areas of focus: human services and basic needs, youth, and veterans.

GrantNews Notes

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