Why Don’t Funders Always Disclose the Grant Amount?

If you or your nonprofit have been looking for grants on GrantWatch.com or other listing sites, you might have noticed that not all grants have a grant amount listed. This may seem odd, especially when some funding sources highlight the size of the award. However, it’s actually not that uncommon.

How Much Should You Request?

Without knowing a grant amount, it might make you uncertain of how much to request in your grant application. The answer is simple though. You should only request what you need. Requesting an amount too high can be one reason why a grant proposal is rejected. If you ask for an excessive amount, it may also appear that your organization mismanages finances. Not to mention, that extra funding can help other organizations in need.

During your application, most funding sources will ask for a detailed budget. This way they know that you are asking for the amount of funding you need for a specific project and not more or less. Funders want to know exactly how much each step of your project will cost. They’re also interested in the total funding you have raised for this project from other sources. This may include additional money from fundraisers, sponsors, and private donors, etc.

Your budget should be as specific as possible to demonstrate your commitment to allocating funding appropriately. For example, you want to include detailed invoices from suppliers (include the supplier’s business name, FEI/EIN, and contact details). You also want to explain exactly how you decided on a funding amount, especially if the requested amount differs from the quotes you gave.

In Conclusion

Do not stress out if the grant you want to apply for does not include a grant amount. Just remember to be as detailed in your budget as you can. You might even consider having an accountant or someone who works in the finance field look over your paperwork. Just remember to request the amount you need for your project and clearly describe why you need that amount to run your program or project. This will make it more likely that they will choose your organization to fund.

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