6 Grants for Individuals to Follow Their Dreams

Here at GrantWatch, we receive thousands and thousands of grants to offer to our subscribers. While many people think grants are for nonprofits, universities and organizations, this isn’t true! Currently, we have over 1,200 grants for individuals for many different projects and fields. And one of these could be the ticket to fulfill your dream as a professional.

After all, there are many people who do important work, but work alone. Often, they don’t find the same kind of support system that an organization, company or university provides. That’s why grants to further the efforts of those involved in solo ventures can be key to their success.

Thirty-five percent of American workers work independently as freelancers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, leading one of its author to state, “The freelance surge is the Industrial Revolution of our time.”

So, to show just a sample of what we list at GrantWatch, here are 6 grants for individuals that are open for applications right now. And, each of these grants is just one of many in the field it targets.

Environmental Grants for Individuals

For environmental education activities, individuals living in the state of Iowa may apply for a two-year award of $26,000, or mini-grants up to $3,500. There is $350,000 available for this program, which is also open to organizations, agencies and schools.

There’s also this Minnesota grant for projects that protect natural habitats. Individuals may apply for up to $10,000 for projects that serve the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District. Eligible projects include but are not limited to wildlife habitat restoration, native plant preservation, and the removal of invasive plants.

And, if you are in the environmental field as a member of an organization, be sure to check our Environment grants category to view over 1,000 unique grant opportunities.

Healthcare Grants for Individuals

A fellowship program offers up to $100,000 for professionals in the field of healthcare policy . Here, healthcare policy around aging seniors is the area of study this fellowship targets. The selected professionals will participate in a year-long professional development and enrichment program. And, the fellowship also covers additional expenses like travel and lodging. Interested? Don’t wait, as the deadline is April 15!

There’s also a grant for investigators working on research into autism spectrum disorders. Here, $750,000 is available towards selected projects over a two- to three-year period  for original, clinically relevant research projects to advance the treatment, diagnosis, and understanding of ASD. However, before applying, investigators should be affiliated with a qualified institution.

For healthcare professionals employed by a research or medical facility, be sure to view our Health and Medical grants category, where we list over 1,600 unique grants.

Individual Grants for Research and Scholars

Scholars may apply for a Fellowships to USA individuals for extensive research projects. Scholars in all disciplines in the humanities are eligible. In addition, this grant encourages submissions from independent scholars and junior scholars. Grant winners will receive up to $60,000 a year to immerse themselves in their research project. For this grant, the deadline is April 14 , for projects starting as early as Jan. 1, 2022, so don’t wait!

There’s also a Fellowship for US researchers advancing Japanese studies. Here, the intent is to support innovative research projects. The purpose is to foster exchanges between American and Japanese scholars, support the next generation of Japanese scholars in the US, and advance Japanese research studies. So, up to $30,000 for six months or $60,000 for 12 months is available for researchers towards these goals.

For research and academic professionals who work for an organization, we list Research grants and Grants for Higher Education, each in their own category. So be sure to take a look.

More Grants for Individuals Listed on GrantWatch!

The grants listed above are just a sample of the over 1,200 grants for individuals open right now for applications. And these grants fall into categories beyond the three listed above. For example, there are individual grants for artists, for teachers, and much more.

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