8 Grants to Help Start a Business in 2023

It’s a new year; and for some, 2023 brings new opportunities to start a business. While starting a business can seem daunting, there is luckily more support available today than there was a decade ago. This support includes help with planning your business, launching your business, managing your business, and growing your business.

Starting a business can be costly, and founders often turn to investment capital and business loans. However, if you’re looking for funding opportunities to help start a business in 2023, then GrantWatch.com is your one-stop site. Below, we’re sharing some grants for start-ups that are now accepting applications!

Thanks to resources, such as the Small Business Administration, there are also new programs focused on entrepreneurship, from the SBA Mentor-Protégé Program to the Ascent program (designed specifically for women entrepreneurs). Additionally, free counseling and mentoring are available through the SBA and its partnerships. The government of Canada also offers resources to its citizens for starting small businesses.

5 Grants to Start a Business in the USA
  1. In-Kind Support & Grants to Pennsylvania Individuals in the Arts Sector for Professional Development – GrantWatch ID #205792
  2. Grants to USA Black Women to Increase Diversity in Entrepreneurship – GrantWatch ID #191315
  3. In-Kind Support & Grants to Minnesota and Wisconsin Businesses Owned by BIPOC Entrepreneurs – GrantWatch ID #204897
  4. Grants to Maryland Tech Entrepreneurs to Promote Business Development – GrantWatch ID #200307
  5. In-Kind Support & Grants to Massachusetts Small Businesses for Business Expansion Endeavors – GrantWatch ID #204200
3 Grants to Start a Business in Canada
  1. Alberta Métis, Inuit, and Non-Status Indian Entrepreneurs Can Apply for a Start-Up or Small Business Expansion Grants – GrantWatch ID #158771
  2. Grants to Northern Ontario New Businesses to Foster Economic Development in Local Communities – GrantWatch ID #197492
  3. Northwest Territories Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Apply for Grants to Foster Economic Development – GrantWatch ID #166058

Looking for more funding opportunities? GrantWatch is the leading grant listing directory, featuring more than 100 current and verified grant opportunities available to entrepreneurs. Furthermore, if you already have a pre-existing business, you may be interested in the small business grants currently available.

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