Adopt A Pet: Animal Shelter Grants For Pets and Animal Lovers

Animal shelters need our help! While there are lots of reasons why folks surrender their pets to shelters, the most common reason is the inability to access affordable pet-friendly housing or provide veterinary care for their pet in need. Shelters around the country typically work at capacity with limited funds. To that end, GrantWatch is proud to help out and offers a database of pet and animal grants. Grant funding ensures animal shelters have the funding required to keep their doors open. Is your animal shelter low on funding? If you believe in a cause, make the commitment! Dedicate to your time to applying for animal shelter grants regularly. Plan out future grant applications and organize upcoming deadlines by building a grant list for your organization.

Adopting A Shelter Pet

Most of us think of a dog or cat when we think of adopting a pet. This responsibility can be overwhelming. However, keep in mind, that you can adopt any species of pet. Adopting a smaller pet is a great idea for first-time pet owners. Adult cats and neonatal kittens make up a large portion of animals looking for a home. However, you can also find dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, companion birds, and sometimes horses at shelters. Furthermore, many animals surrendered have even been house-trained. Pet euthanasia rates are rapidly rising. It is estimated that more than 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized each year. The best way to support animal shelters is to adopt a pet. However, you can still offer support through fostering, donations, offering transport, and sharing your local animal shelter’s social media posts.

If enough people adopt pets from shelters, and animals are leaving shelters faster than they are arriving, it allows these organizations to focus on the root causes of pet intake. They can strengthen programs to reunite lost pets with their families or meet with elected officials to create more pet-friendly housing.

Adopting pets from animal shelters or rescues – The Humane Society of the United States

Pet Grants for Shelters, Owners, and Animal Lovers

There are so many pets who need forever homes and many animal shelters are that desperately need funding. This lack of funding is precisely why pet grants exist. This saves grant-seekers countless hours. Then, narrow down your grant list to show only pets and animal wildlife grants. Finally, you will decide what grants you would like to apply for. Below are examples of grants available for pet and animal wildlife programs.

  1. Grants For Shelter to Perform Adoptions for Companion Animals – This grant provides funding for animal wellness organizations, including nonprofit and municipal animal shelters, and spay and neuter providers.
  2. Promote the Humane Treatment of Animals – This grant supports nonprofit organizations, museums, wildlife centers, zoos, and educational institutions in eligible locations for programs that promote animal welfare.
  3. Grants For Registered Charities for Projects that Benefit Animals – Eligible expenses include capital projects, services for animals brought to a shelter, and animal or public education programs. 
  4. Initiatives to Rescue or Care for Animals – This grant is for programs dedicated to caring for or rescuing animals. Funding is also intended for initiatives that raise awareness about animal treatment. 
  5. Animal Oral Health or Service Animal Program Funding – Funding is provided for projects and programs to assist animals or improve dental care in eligible regions.
  6. Animal Welfare Projects – Grants to nonprofits for animal welfare projects . Previous grant recipients include animal sanctuaries, humane societies, wildlife rescue organizations, animal shelters, and pet associations.
  7. PreK-9 Teachers for New Classroom Pets – In-kind grants to PreK-9 teachers to teach about responsible pet care and bonding with animals.
  8. Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Services – Funding for nonprofit animal welfare organizations and local government animal shelters and animal control to provide affordable spay/neuter services.
  9. Assist with Unexpected Veterinary Bills – $500 to Colorado pet owners in eligible regions to assist with unexpected veterinary bills.
  10. Animal Rescues and Shelters to Subsidize Pet Adoptions – Animal rescues and shelters may subsidize pet adoptions. The program supporst reduced-fee or free adoptions for cats and dogs.

Hiring A Grant Writer 

If you are new to pet and animal grants and would like personalized support, hiring a grant writer is a great way to continue your grant-seeking journey. Also, did you know that a grant writer will ensure eligibility and write grant applications for you? Professional grant writers will find and present funding sources to you. Ensure you apply to pet grants aligned with your cause. Hire a professional at GrantWriterTeam by placing an ad for your organization. 

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