Alabama Gov Awards 600K to Help Human Trafficking Survivors

One of the most horrifying practices in the entire world is the scourge of human trafficking, and it still exists in the United States. Survivors face many challenges even after escape or rescue, including finding safe places to live, employment, and other issues. Human trafficking came into further focus as recently as 2019 as an announcement was made of an initiative to end human trafficking, with hundreds of millions deployed not only in the hopes of ending this practice but also to help survivors recover. And states have taken initiative as well, with Governor Kate Ivey of Alabama announcing an award of $609,000 to go towards helping survivors to recover and reconvene their lives.

This grant award will go to Wellhouse to help victims of human trafficking in Alabama recover from their horrific ordeals and rebuild their lives.

Wellhouse’s mission is to:

Provide a safe residential environment to women, offering spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical support services. We welcome all women who have been sexually exploited through human trafficking. Regardless of race, color, creed, or religion, women in pain can be assured they will find love and acceptance at The Well House. 

Organizations like Wellhouse provide much-needed safety and sanctuary for people fleeing horrific trauma, and Wellhouse offers several services for this purpose.

Here are some of the services that Wellhouse offers:

  • A 24-hour crisis support line
    • This line is answered by trained staff from Wellhouse 24/7
  • Immediate shelter
    • Victims of trafficking are able to have a safe place to stay where they can begin to heal
  • Trauma center
    • This is a stabilization center for survivors who have just been rescued to enter the Wellhouse program
  • Next Steps to Freedom
    • This is a long-term recovery program that helps survivors to be empowered and rebuild their lives
  • Next Steps to Independence
    • This is a transitional living facility for graduates of the Welllhouse recovery program

Grants such as this one are so important to be able to continue to administer these essential services to survivors of human trafficking who need assistance and a safe space to recover.

This grant was awarded by the U.S Department of Justice, which has awarded hundreds of millions of dollars to combat human trafficking. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) will be administering this grant directly to Wellhouse.

Here’s what Gov Ivey said about this grant being awarded:

The immense toll that this horrible crime takes on victims is hard for most of us to even imagine, and I am thankful that an organization like the Wellhouse is around to help these victims in the recovery process. I am pleased to award this grant to help the Wellhouse continue the important work that they do in Alabama.”

Wellhouse relies on grants as well as local, private donations in order to be able to administer services all-year-round. ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell also spoke on this grant award:

Gov. Ivey has a heart for victims, and ADECA stands with her in supporting the work of the staff and volunteers at the Wellhouse as they assist victims of these terrible crimes.”

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs administers many relevant community programs, including those involved in law enforcement, conservation, water resource management, and other important services.

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