Animal Protective Foundation gets $10,000 for Medical Care For Older Dogs

The Grey Muzzle Organization has awarded a $10,000 grant to the Animal Protective Foundation to support medical care for senior dogs and assist with rehoming.

According to Director Operations at the Animal Protective Foundation, Amy Duskiewicz “The thing that we hear most often from folks is that they have just lost a pet recently and they’re not ready to get into another relationship with a pet knowing that they’re going to be gone sooner than later, in part because they require more medical care. Another factor is that for some, adopting an older dog is too emotionally risky.”

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Deb Balliet, Executive Director at the APF also spoke on the grant being awarded:

“This is the third year that the APF has received this grant, and it has enabled us to help senior dogs like 8 year-old Tucker with the veterinary and dental care he needed so he’d be ready to go to his forever home.”

No one is more grateful or loving than a dog with a couple of years on him, and we’re looking forward to helping more of these “young at heart” dogs get the second chance they all deserve.”

Let’s also talk a bit about the Grey Muzzle Foundation: who’s mission is to help older dogs, which is a cause that any dog lover should be able to get behind.

Here are some of the values of this organization, as listed on their website:

  1. We believe old dogs contribute positively to our quality of life and have much to teach us about patience, respect, responsibility, loyalty, and unconditional love.
  2. We believe every senior dog deserves to live out their golden years, months, weeks, or even days in a place of love, security and peace.
  3. We believe dogs are not a disposable commodity; rather, they depend on us to care for them through all stages of their lives.
  4. We believe at times it is appropriate to make an end-of-life decision based on a deteriorating quality of life or if the dog is harmful to itself or others.
  5. We believe in working with diverse organizations from across the country that shares our fundamental values.
  6. We believe in honest and open decision making that allows us to be accountable to our donors and the organizations we support.
  7. We believe in providing educational support, advocacy, and sharing of best practices for those who support senior dogs.

Grey Muzzle’s Executive Director Lisa Lunghofer, spoke about awarding this $10,000 grant:

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we’re delighted to help deserving organizations like the APF make a difference in the lives of dogs and people in their communities.” Many senior dogs in the Capital Region are enjoying their golden years in loving homes thanks to the wonderful work of the APF.

Now, I know I’m biased (because I think dogs are the absolute best) but any organization that works to help dogs who are generally overlooked, is an organization that is doing really good work.

More of these stories (and more of this funding) please!

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