Are There Grants To Help Me?

Although GrantWatch has grants primarily for nonprofits and businesses, grant seekers will also find grants for individuals, teachers, students, artists (including filmmakers, and musicians), veterans, librarians, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, property owners, farmers, and homeowners. Funders and grant appellant alike seek out this proprietary grant search engine to list and find grants. includes thousands of available grants from foundations and corporations as well as funding from local, state, and federal governments.

As of today, there are 1,693 grants listed in GrantWatch’s grants for Individuals category for grant applicants meeting the funder’s eligibility requirements. Be certain to read each listing carefully before applying.

For example, there is currently a grant of $10,000 available for roofing and renovations. If you are a Saskatchewan commercial property owner and you are undertaking a conservation project.

Grants are available to provide urgent rent relief to low-income families and individuals. If you live in an eligible area, are not working full-time, and include documents of proof. 

Other grants for individuals include:

Those previously or currently afflicted with cancer may be eligible for a grant of $2,000. If you meet the eligibility details and include proof of low-income for the last 6 months.

Looking to restore a building? A grant is available if the property’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There is currently a grant available for daycare costs if you are you are an artist in an eligible state.

Are you a business owner wanting to make improvements to the building exterior? There is a grant if you live in a particular Utah county.

California individuals and families could receive $300 for extra-curricular activities if they are low-income residents within the Carlsbad city limits.

Ready to Find Grants?

So you see, there are grants available, it’s just putting in the time to find them and meet the requirements. There is no limit on how many grants you can apply for, and every funding source has its own timeline and method of disbursing grants.

If you have the will to find the grants, the next part is filling out the application. Each grant has a different application process. Some applications are simple and designed to be completed without the need for a grant writer. Typically, the larger grant awards require a more extensive application process. It’s preferable to hire a grant writer if you are not comfortable completing the grant application process yourself.

Popular Grant Categories:
  • Impacted by Covid-19: Grants for individuals.
  • Financial Assistance: For Individuals.
  • Disaster Relief: Grants for individuals impacted by a disaster.
  • Disability: Grants for impaired individuals.
  • Veteran: Intended for former, injured, and active military members, their families, as well as veterans.
  • Animals: Veterinarians, farmers, conservationists, and pet owners.
  • Awards: For encouragement, recognizing excellence, or outstanding individuals.
  • Arts & Culture: Funding for individuals, such as musicians, artists, performers, and writers.
  • Business: Entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Community Services: Individuals to help benefit the community and its residents.
  • Environment: Individuals including conservationists, volunteers, garden clubs, landowners, etc.
  • Minorities: Underrepresented groups, LQBTQ, Natives, Jewish heritage, or persons of color.
  • Women: Specific to female individuals.
  • Homeland: Volunteers, rescue, ambulance, firefighters, police, and other individuals.
  • Immigrants: Specific to refugees and immigrants.
  • Preservation: To individuals for preservation, conservation, and history.
  • Research: Healthcare professionals, researchers, scientists, scholars, graduates, and professionals.
  • Teachers: Specific to teachers.
  • Students: Students of all education levels.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships and fellowships.
  • Sports & Recreation: To individuals for sports, equipment, recreation, and social activities.
  • Workforce: To assist individuals to enter, remain, and advance in the workplace.
  • Youth: For those aged below 18 years of age.

Luckily, GrantWatch features categories making it easier to search through grants you may be applicable for. Simply click any of the categories you think would suit your needs. To narrow your search results, select the state you reside in, using the ‘Geographic Location’ dropdown menu. With new grants being added daily, there is no limit to what you could find!

Please Note: There’s no guarantee of being awarded a grant. GrantWatch is a grant search engine, not the grant funder. All grants listed are 100% verified.

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