Art Is An Essential Part Of Culture: Here’s 5 Arts and Culture Grants To Look At

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic. I’ve written that exact line too many times. It seems like things like arts and culture might be less important during this time. Music and movies and murals, what do they matter when things are so rough? But the thing is: art is essential. Art is an expression. It’s a source of magic and inspiration for those who witness it, listen to it, experience it, and create it.

Art in its many forms can be a way to distract ourselves from the hardship of the every-day. And not just for adults. Art can be incredibly helpful for children as well. Michigan State University found that art can contribute to a child’s development, especially when they engage in painting.

This is why we’re so excited at GrantWatch to have an extensive Arts & Culture grants category. And, I’d like to share 5 grants that I think might benefit our subscribers!

Arts and Culture Grants Can Help The Public Gain Access To More Opportunities

Here’s some grants we list on GrantWatch, that we think may be of interest to our GrantNews readers:

  1. Here are Grants that will be awarded to West Virginia Arts Nonprofits, Agencies & School Boards: The goal is to provide the public with art opportunities.
  2. And there are these Grants to Florida Arts Nonprofits: These grants will go towards putting on events and performances that attract tourists .
  3. We also have these Grants for Maine Nonprofits & Agencies: These grants will goto supportive creative art projects in various disciples.
  4. There are Grants to Colorado Educators, Presenters, and Administrators: These funds will go towards creating programs that expose students to the arts.
  5. And finally here are Grants to Pennsylvania Women Artists & Cultural Producers: These funds will go towards projects that positively impact communities.

These grants can support projects that give access to the public or students to programs and artwork that contribute to education and cultural development. And, we currently have almost 2,000 similar grants listed on GrantWatch. If you have any questions about this grant category or any others, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 561-249-4129!

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