Vote For The Puppies

If there’s a vote for puppies, always vote in the affirmative. Did you know that K9 units are completely funded by donations and grants? Most people are under the impression that K9 units receive funding from city and state budgets. And now the K9 unit at Luzerne County is asking for votes to help their unit filled with adorable doggos. The grant they’re looking to win is called the Aftermath K9 Grant. 

Like Spike, a Chocolate Lab that spends all his time searching for electronic devices alongside detectives in the county’s district attorney’s office. The Aftermath K9 Grant is a national grant worth $5,000, and Luzerne County has entered him into the contest. The money will go towards medical bills, food, and increased training for Spike so he can continue doing critically important work, like finding cell phones and other electronics. 

Last year the Larksville Police Department won the grant, and this year The Luzerne County Police Department is throwing their hat (and Spike’s) into the ring, hoping that this year will be their year.   

Wilkes-Barres Police Department is also in the running: Joseph Hozma’s dog Chase is a contestant, and he has an important mission: finding narcotics and catching fugitives. As Patrolman Hozman points out, the funding will go further than just the one department, as K9’s do tend to travel for work. Many of these K9’s have assisted various federal agencies in multiple cases, be it narcotics or even fugitive apprehension. 

If you just like ourselves cannot pick a dog in this fight, and we wouldn’t anyway, because all K9’s have important missions to fulfill. Also, because all the dogs involved are adorable, but we encourage all eligible voters to check out all these amazing puppers and make their choice. 

To vote in this contest click here. Voting will close on November 3rd and a winner announced on November 6th.

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