New York Congressman Awards Grants in Honor of 9/11 Victims

It has now been eighteen years since the horrible attacks perpetuated on New York City, but the effects can still be felt through to this day. Countless victims still struggle to recover from the effects, and even more families are still haunted by the scenes they endured and the calls informing them of a loved ones’ passing. Naturally a lot of programs have popped up since the attacks in hopes of assisting these victims, or at the very least, honoring their memory and making sure that we never forget the sacrifice of the first responders. Each year, the state of New York, awards grants alongside different organizations who help fund them in honor of 9/11 victims, survivors, and first responders.

This year the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance Grant was awarded to two different organizations, Read to Succeed and The Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center. New York Congressman, Brian Higgins, announced the awards, stating that the goal of the grants was to promote volunteering to honor those affected in the 9/11 attacks and thus by doing this benefiting the community. The funding for the grants came from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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Niagara Falls Medical Center was awarded a total of $31,500 towards organizing events and participating in activities throughout Niagara County. These events include 5k runs, community service events, and even a candlelight night walk around the area of North Tonawanda, Newfane, and Niagara Falls. An extra $72,094 will be going to Read for Success towards the training of 100 new volunteers who will act as literacy tutors. They will be assigned to 100 separate classrooms ranging from pre-k to 3rd grade to help in easing them into reading.

All these activities and programs aim to better the community through volunteering as a tribute to those affected or lost in the attacks and bringing awareness to their memory through doing acts of good. There’s a number of great opportunities for organizations to do good and fulfill their part in bettering their community through activities funded by grants. The government awards grants alongside different organizations in honor of 9/11 victims nationwide you just have to be able to find them. If you know of an organization who you think could do good in your community, get involved, and start making a difference.

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