Cyber Monday: What’s It All About?

Most people have become used to spending the day after Thanksgiving sometimes even the very first few hours of that day going on the hunt for in store deals at malls and department stores around the country. This became known as Black Friday, and has become just as much of a tradition as Thanksgiving itself.

With the new era of the internet, and younger people getting into the buying spirit as well a new version for Black Friday sparked up. This is how Cyber Monday was born. For all those who began to dread the long lines and early hours that stores began to implement s their opening times, Cyber became the answer. Imagine all the benefits of getting those same deals but without the hassle of getting out of bed. That’s why Cyber Monday has become such a success alongside Black Friday.

It all started thanks to Ellen Davis, the senior vice president of strategic initiative for the National Retail Federation, who was the first to coin the term all the way back in 2005. For years the NRF noticed a continuing spike in online revenue on the Monday following Thanksgiving. They believed it was because people were making purchases from their computers at work, where the Internet connections were faster and their kids couldn’t get a sneak peek at their gifts. They released this information to retailers, and publicity around it took off like wildfire leading to drastic increases in sales unlike any year before.

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