Does the Government Give Money to Startups?

As a new business or nonprofit, it can be challenging to find funding. Many founders end up securing money from their own personal resources. According to Fundera, 77% of new businesses use their own money for startup funding. Another option in place of self-funding is to consider raising money from friends and family. Startups may also take out loans. But if a new business does not have the money, assets or connections to raise the money they need, it may be time to turn to the government for help.

New business owners then have to ask: Does the government give money to startups? And the answer is, Yes, they do! In fact, for startups, grants can be a good way to pursue additional funding to secure the resources available to help get their startup on the ‘road to success’. The government provides grants for nonprofits and small businesses. This can also include funding opportunities for startups. However, there are many corporations and foundations that support startup small businesses and nonprofits.

Certain recipients have more options for grant availability than others.  For instance, you can more readily find grants for women, minorities and nonprofits. There is also a good deal of funding available for those in the field of technology. Searching for startup grants can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the grant search process. There are grant databases available to help make your grant search easier. GrantWatch is a popular grant search portal that many startups use to find funding.

Startup Grants from the Government

  1. There is a state government grant is available to enable the initial production of promising new clean technology
  2. A local government grant is available to small business owners and entrepreneurs in eligible locations to encourage business development and growth.
  3. A federal government grant Grants is available to companies and individuals to develop technologies used in wood heaters.
  4. This state government has the opportunity for the expansion and creation of services to young start-up companies and nonprofit organizations.

Startup Grants from Corporations and Foundations

  1. Funding is available for startups to participate in a business development program, which includes access to funding and mentorship.
  2. Awards are now open to individuals in eligible regions for outstanding business achievements and innovation at a young age.
  3. There is funding available to for women-led and black-led startups to participate in an accelerator program.
  4. This foundation is offering the opportunity for Israel start-up businesses to participate in a business relocation program to the USA.

As you can see, there are government grants and other sources available for startups. Best of luck with your new venture!

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