Emergency Small Business Grant Funds Fast-Tracked Through Nevada Assembly

We’ve written at GrantNews about how critical providing funding to small businesses all over the United States is right now. Hundreds of thousands of businesses were forced to close as a result of this pandemic and the ongoing lockdown actions. And every state government has had to look at how they can get emergency small business funds to the businesses that need them. Now $50 million in an emergency small business grant fund allocation has passed the Nevada Assembly.

Emergency Small Business Grant Funds Will Hopefully Prevent More Shuttering In Nevada

This emergency funding will go to Nevada’s existing program, Pandemic Emergency Technical Support, or PEDS. Applications are still closed for this program; however, formerly denied small businesses might actually receive funds under this new allocation. These previously denied small businesses could receive up to $10,000 in much-needed assistance. For many of these businesses who met all the qualifications but were still denied, these kind of funds could be a saving grace.

On Wednesday of this week, the Nevada Assembly passed $50 million in new small businesses fund allocations for this program. This counts in addition to an earlier $51 million in grant funding for the same purpose. The total of $101 million is the largest grant fund allocation in Nevada’s entire history.

Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak had asked for lawmakers to prioritize this grant program, to ensure that people get the proper help, like emergency small business funds, that is so much needed right now.

GrantWatch Lists Small Business Grants To Help Our Subscribers Find What They Need

One of the things that are so helpful for our subscribers using the GrantWatch website is that we have very specific categories. We also have search functionality that helps to search by key-words using the more advanced search. In terms of grant categories, we have a small business grant category with almost a thousand current grants listed under this grant category.

If you have any questions about this grant category or any of the others listed on GrantWatch, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 561-249-4129!

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