WOW! Children’s Museum Receives Grant For New Mural

Every once in a while you will find a feel good story that just makes you stop and ponder on the important things in life and how some very small acts can cause such a profound effect on a number of people. That is what I encountered when I saw what happened to WOW! Children’s Museum, an interactive exhibit museum located in Lafayette, Colorado that aims to teach children about the arts and sciences as well as other subjects through feel and touch they can experience first hand.

The Museum was first founded in 1996 by Lisa and Dario Atallah and moved to its current location in Lafayette in 2004. With all the effort that has been put into the museum from its founders as well as the community it is not surprising that it has become a great community resource for children looking to experience things first hand in their search for knowledge at a young age. 

Not actual WOW! Children’s Museum Mural

Now due to a $10,000 grant funded by Blue Federal Credit Union the museum has been able to add another interactive element to their space in the form of a community mural. On Oct. 1, the museum reopened after a small stint closed back in September to renovate certain new areas and to put up the mural. According to community members the mural itself has already become a catalyst for interaction within the community by attracting new visitors to the museum and encouraging them to interact with other members of the community.

Community betterment projects are a huge part of what drives change and growth within our cities and towns and therefore become intricate parts of the infrastructure we live in and grants such as this one being presented to deserving organizations doing good for the people of their community help further those causes. Grants like this one and others supporting community outreach can be found here. If your organization or town feels like it needs some help in these areas I’d highly encourage you to look into grant funding as a way to enrich your community.