Are Housing Grants Free Homes?

Everyone becomes excited when they hear ‘Housing Grants’ but what does it really mean, and who can apply? GrantWatch is home to hundreds of various housing grants. These are mainly intended for nonprofits, organizations, corporations, and public agencies.

Some of the newest housing grants available include:

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $75,000 to Hawaii nonprofit and faith-based organizations and government agencies for programs that assist youth transitioning from foster care. Funding is intended for housing, health, education, employment, community engagement, permanence, and financial capability.

Grants are available to a Washington, DC public agency, college, university, nonprofit, or faith and community-based organization to develop a plan to provide safe housing for domestic violence victims.

Grants to New Mexico nonprofit corporations and state and local government agencies to develop new single-family housing projects on a property located in Albuquerque. Funding is intended to generate affordable housing options for low and moderate-income families. 

Grants to North Carolina nonprofit organizations and local government agencies for programs that help homeless people and families, or those that are at risk of becoming homeless. Funding is intended to be used as part of a system that responds to housing emergencies in an attempt to ensure that homelessness is brief, rare, and one-time. The program supports two primary functions: Emergency Response Activities, including emergency shelter operations and services, as well as street outreach; and Housing Stability Activities including homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing.

Grants to USA veteran and military families in multiple states for financial assistance to buy a new home. Funding is intended to assist eligible families in covering the costs associated with the closing process. The funding source will assist with negotiating concessions from the seller to help towards these costs and then gift funds will go towards helping pay the remainder of these costs. The gift funds are true gifts and never need to be repaid. Although there are no free homes available to individuals, there are hundreds of grants featured which will be able to assist nonprofits and agencies as key resources in helping the community and it’s citizens.