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Due to recent bouts of hurricanes and other natural disasters, so many people and organizations are in need of assistance and are often at a loss as to where to find it.

Some of this assistance may come through FEMA, the US government agency tasked with providing help to survivors of natural disasters throughout the United States. There are other local governmental agencies and local community-based organizations, that step in to help.

Another path worthy of exploration is foundation grants. Here are 2 samples of foundation grants.

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Libraries, and Schools for Environment, Human Services, Disaster Relief, Education, Health, and Arts Deadline Date: 11/01/18

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, public schools, and libraries to support a wide range of community and environmental causes. Funding is intended for, but not limited to the focus areas of education, human services, disaster relief, health, arts, and culture. The Foundation makes both program and operating grants and does not have any geographic restrictions. Activities may be carried out anywhere in the world.

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Organizations and Individuals to Promote Financial Stability  Deadline Date: 11/01/18

The next application deadline is November 1st, but grants are ongoing depending on timing, urgency, and the volume of applications. Grant awards could be made more frequently if deemed necessary by the foundation’s board of directors.

Grants to USA, Canada, and International organizations and individuals to enhance quality of life and improve financial positions. The Foundation seeks to provide personal financial assistance, as well as coaching, to help financially prudent and hardworking individuals recover from unanticipated life events, and to promote financial stability through education.

They are committed to empowering individuals through financial coaching and providing opportunities for job training, small business, and home ownership. With a focus on personal pride and dignity, the foundation aims to transform sudden and unexpected economic hardships into financially sustainable outcomes for individuals and families.

In addition, their grants can go towards scholarship funds, providing funds to meet the financial obligations of parents, by providing funds to meet the health requirements of needy children and adults, and by providing funds to individuals facing financial emergencies caused by health, weather, storm, fire, earthquake, or other catastrophic events; and to contribute to organizations or causes which enhance the quality of life.

People and community organizations need to be resourceful and advocate for themselves.  Before taking out a loan, why not look into alternative funding that’s out there in the form of foundation grants.

Foundation grants provide funding to meet specific needs that are related to the mission and vision of the foundation. Each foundation has its own eligibility requirement, such as: individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, federal, state or local government agencies. Unlike loans, these are gifts and do not need to be repaid.

There are thousands of charitable foundations with trillions of dollars to give in the United States alone.  The question is, how to receive it. Most foundations give their most substantial gifts to nonprofits, so it’s possible to ask a community nonprofit that is a recipient of a grant award for assistance.

Foundations can be private or public grant making charities. The vast majority of foundations were founded for a specific purpose, whether it’s to fund medical research, programs for the homeless, provide educational funding, or aid victims of domestic violence. They exist for the purpose of giving out money in the form of grants, to unrelated organizations, institutions, or individuals for charitable purposes, in order to bring about positive change according to their own mandate.

In addition to a particular focus, most foundations have their own board of directors, a staff (some small, others large) and may undertake their own fundraising to help fund their grants.

Many foundations have been set up by individuals (both living and deceased) to promote the causes of the grantor. Some have been set up as charitable memorials to great people. Others have been set up by companies and other institutions to promote different areas of interest.

Whatever the foundation makeup, grant-making foundations are required to grant specific percentages of their assets each year to maintain their nonprofit status.

GrantWatch currently has thousands of active foundation grants, and adds new grants daily (GrantWatch archives grants when the deadline passes to maintain a current and fresh website).

As long as you can demonstrate need and meet the requirements of the program, you can apply to the grant program. Apply to as many programs as possible and don’t get discouraged if you are turned down. Proposals should align with the values and mission of the foundation you’re looking for a grant from.  Persistence and patience are recommended to see the best results.

So, if you’re looking for funding and meet the criterion, get in touch with these foundations. Find out eligibility requirements and apply for grants!

Individuals, municipalities, nonprofits, religious institutions, and community-based groups searching for grants can identify funding opportunities in support of disaster relief and other financial needs initiatives at

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