Grant to Offer Veterinary Services for Low-Income Families

Program for Pet Health Equity, an initiative through the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has been awarded a $3.4 million grant. This grant will enable the program to offer increased veterinary services to people who cannot access services. Specifically, the grant will go to work in developing their pilot program AlignCare, which would create a healthcare system similar to Medicaid for animals.

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This particular grant was awarded by Maddie’s Fund. According to their website, the organization was started in 1994 by Dave and Cheryl Duffield as a way of commemorating their dog, Maddie.

“Thanks to Maddie, the PPHE will be able to continue the groundbreaking work of AlignCare,” said Michael Blackwell, program director and founder of PPHE and AlignCare. “Following the development and testing of AlignCare, these funds will now help ensure further improvements and implementation of community ownership to achieve the sustainability a health care system requires.”

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The Importance of Providing Eqiutable Veterinary Care

Michael Blackwell, the program director and founder of PPHE and AlignCare, said this expansion could mean a lot for families.

“Collaboration amongst social service and public health agencies, veterinary practices, veterinary social workers, and funders is key to ensure families receive the care they need,” says Blackwell.

According to Sociologist Arnold Arluke, the author of “Underdogs: Pets, People and Poverty,” an estimated 66 percent of pets in families facing poverty have never even seen a vet.

What Aligncare does is connect families who may have trouble affording care with veterinary services in their area. This could be life-changing for so many families struggling to afford the high cost. Additionally, Aligncare will bring together other community services and resources to assist the entire family.

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