Grant Makes City Rebuild Possible!

Grants can come in all shapes and sizes, and they are available for many different needs. Grants are available to nonprofit organizations, individuals, cities, states, and more. Many people, from all over the country and the world, are awarded grants daily. A Washington city, Port Angeles, recently received a grant to rebuild a busy portion of their city. The plan in place is to make safety improvements by rebuilding Lincoln Street from First to Eighth streets.

Port Angeles was awarded a $1.28 million grant from the state Department of Transportation to make these improvements for the betterment of their city for their citizens. While this is an exciting time, the construction is not set to take place until 2021. Rob Ollikainen noted the comments of the city’s Public Works and Utilities Director, “Lincoln Street will receive new and improved ADA curb ramps, curb extensions, bicycle lanes and pedestrian advisory flashers integrated within modified bus zone, parking and access features, Hunter said” (para. 8). The city of Port Angeles is excited to make these improvements and create a better, more welcoming space for their residents and visitors.

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Are you in need of funding for your project, but you aren’t sure where to look? Grants are a great way to fund projects for yourself or your organization Are you searching for grants to help your nonprofit organization with a new project? GrantWatch will help you greatly. GrantWatch has thousands of grants listed to assist nonprofit organizations in the continuation of fulfilling their mission. Like the city of Port Angeles, you could win a grant that could significantly impact your life or the health of your business.

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