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Healthcare research is vital to planning for a healthy future. At GrantWatch, we truly believe that research plays a vital role in making our future brighter. This means providing for individuals, nonprofits, research organizations, and universities, to name just a few. How can we work together to make this happen? Funding like grants, fellowships, and in-kind donations, that’s how. To that end, GrantWatch has put together a list of more than 800 grants in the Research and Evaluation category that are currently up for grabs.

Why Clinical Research is Important to Healthcare

Clinical healthcare research is all about diving into the world of health and sickness in real people. It’s a kind of guide for understanding how to prevent, detect, and cure illnesses. Indeed, healthcare research bridges the gap between scientific discovery and new effective treatments that can make a real difference in the lives of patients. In a nutshell, healthcare research is science in action, with real folks at the heart of it, working to make healthcare better.

In brief, the list below is a sample of the many funding opportunities you have to choose from. We hope you find the research grant that will best suit the objective you’re looking to achieve!

Research Grants and In-kind Support

  1. First, there is funding for universities and nonprofit research organizations for life sciences and technology inventions with commercial potential.
  2. Next, fellowships to historically marginalized individuals to address inequality in relation to technology.
  3. In addition, there are grants to eligible nonprofits for a broad base of health and wellness initiatives. Focus area for healthcare includes prevention and behavioral health and lifestyle management projects to prevent and reverse cardiac disease.
  4. Grants and in-kind support to investigators affiliated with institutions for Emergency Medicine research projects. Funding supports early stage projects to promote emergency medical care and produce results leading to a larger project. Funds to be used for materials and supplies, and to provide salary support.
  5. There are also grants to eligible nonprofits to conduct applied research projects having direct and immediate impact to enhance the well-being of older adults, ages 65 and older.
  6. Also, there are grants to postdoctoral researchers for research related to the diagnosis/treatment of ASD (autism spectrum disorders). Program purpose is to invest in the upcoming generation of autism investigators. Moreover, programs will identify talented early-career scientists interested in autism research and facilitate their transition to independent research careers. In fact, applications are to be received from a wide range of science disciplines, including genetics, molecular mechanisms, circuits and systems, and clinical science.

Additional Research Grants and Awards

  1. Grants of $3,000 are available to Michigan students pursuing eligible advanced degrees for projects to improve health care throughout the state.
  2. There are also grants to early-career researchers affiliated with medical and research centers for research projects focused on bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Funding is for clinical, preclinical, epidemiological, and translational research.
  3. Grants of up to $75,000 to nonprofits, institutions, and associations for projects to benefit and serve individuals affected by spinal cord diseases and injuries, including veterans. Funding is for projects to provide broad-based educational opportunities. Priority projects include those with the potential to replicate proposals and provide effective dissemination plans.
  4. Finally, grants of up to $5,000 to organizations and individuals for activities that advance breast cancer patient care and education. In addition, an award of $1,000 to a practicing breast surgeon to attend a conference. Grant applications for the award must focus on compassion and empathy in the delivery of patient care, cultural sensitivity, and competence in scientific endeavors.

To conclude, we hope you’ll find a grant opportunity to actively contribute to expanding the impact of research for a bright, healthy future!

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