Honoring Polar Bears With Environment & Conservation Grants

Environment and conservation grants provide funding for organizations protecting our environment. And, in truth, many of those organizations rely on GrantWatch to locate grants geared toward research, investigation, and sustainability with regard to environmental concerns. Our environment provides everything we need to thrive. It follows then, that we act as stewards for the earth and strive to protect animal populations, especially those whose habitats are currently shrinking. With this purpose in mind, we turn our collective attention to the Polar Bear. Every February 27th, it falls to us to spread awareness of the hardships polar bears and other endangered species face while educating readers about how to reduce our carbon footprint, making a lasting impact.

Polar Bear Day & Environmental Conservation Awareness

Building awareness is the first step to solving a problem. Not only does Polar Bear Day builds awareness for the needs of polar bears, but our environment as a whole. By definition, environmental conservation is the protection, preservation, management, restoration of natural environments and the ecological communities that inhabit them. For example, did you know that you must use a reusable plastic grocery bag over 25 times to reduce our carbon footprint? In truth, understanding conservation is the responsibility of everyone. In short, earth is shared by every living being.

Climate change is a huge threat to polar bears’ existence and it’s up to us to take action and protect their future. Our focus is on raising funds to help protect moms and cubs, giving them the best possible chance of survival (through) conservation efforts across the Arctic. On average, only about half of all cubs reach adulthood, with even lower survival rates in the most vulnerable populations.

Polar Bears International

Available Grants For Environment and Conservation

Environmental conservation is important. Helpless animals and plants depend on humans to be responsible stewards of the land. Environmentally-minded organizations are life-saving support to animals and conducting valuable research. Does your organization need funding to start a new conservation project? Below are samples of grants that may help your organization.

  1. Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Environment Grant – Grants for environmental stewardship projects. Specifically, to support practical ways to simultaneously build strong environmental conditions.
  2. NSF-BSF Marine Oceanography – Grants for scientist teams associated with institutions for higher education for collaborative research projects in the field of marine oceanography.
  3. Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative – This grant is available to nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Specifically, to mitigate and protect water and other resources. 
  4. Marine Geology and Geophysics (MG&G) Core Program – Funding for investigators for geophysics and geology research. Includes a broad range of topics related to ocean basins, like sea level change, geochemistry, and marine geohazards.
  5. Schmidt Ocean Institute: R/V Falkor – In-kind support to investigators to conduct impactful oceanic research. Includes access to scientific facilities, a vessel, and lab equipment.
  6. Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) Small Grants – up to $20,000 to nonprofit organizations and IHEs for projects related to ocean conservation. Funding is specifically intended for projects related to supporting sustainable fishing and marine life.
  7. Paul M. Angell Family Foundation Grant – Grants to nonprofit organizations for ocean conservation programs.
  8. Campbell Foundation Grant – Public charitable organizations may apply for grants to preserve and enhance oceanic ecosystems and protect the environment.
  9. 11th Hour Racing Grant – Funding for nonprofit organizations for environmental sustainability initiatives to improve ocean health.
  10. Ocean and Fisheries Reporting Grant – Grants to journalists for investigative reporting on issues related to fisheries and oceans around the world.

How To Find Environment and Conservation Grants

Nonprofit and for-profit environmental minded organizations are often eligible for environment and conservation grants to help fund their cause. First, use GrantWatch’s Grant Search to locate grants in your category. Once you locate a grant, use the 990 Finder and Foundation Search to research the nonprofit’s 990 reports to ensure you are applying to relevant grants. After you have found a grants for pets and animal wildlife you are eligible for, the next step is to apply. Most applicants generally apply for a grant themselves. However, if you would like to hire a professional grant writer, please visit GrantWriterTeam.com to post a classified ad explain your program.

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