How to Apply for Government Grants

Applying for grants, especially federal government grants, can be an intimidating process. However, if you stay the course, you could be awarded a grant for your organization.

What is a Grant?

A grant is a monetary award that does not have to be repaid. Grants come from a variety of sources including foundations, corporations, and the government. All grants are awarded under specific conditions and fund a particular purpose.

Grants come with various spending constraints because funders usually have a specific purpose in mind. In other words, if you don’t use these funds as agreed upon, you will have to pay the grant back.

Navigating the grant application process can be daunting and time-consuming. But, as an applicant, do not let the complexity deter you. Simply, power through! If it is within your budget, you can also hire a grant writer to complete the process for you.

How to Apply for Government Grants in 5 Easy Steps!
Step 1: Search

Start your search by visiting Grants.Gov for federal grants. Alternatively, if you are a GrantWatch subscriber, you can use the GrantWatch database to locate grants from federal, state, and local governments. GrantWatch descriptions are written in layman’s terms, making them easy to understand.

Step 2: Eligibility

Once you have located a grant, check your eligibility. You must be certain that you or your organization is eligible for the grant, as each funding opportunity has different criteria.

Step 3: Registration

Registering is important. Before applying for a funding opportunity, you need to create an account with Grants.Gov. Once you have a Grants.Gov account, you may add a profile to associate with an applicant organization. Each time you find a government grant, you simply need to log in to your account for details.

Step 4: Workspace

Once you have registered with Grants.Gov, you can apply with the Workspace application. Additionally, training videos are available on the site to guide you through the application’s best practices.

Step 5: Tracking

After you have submitted your grant application through the Workspace, you will be assigned a tracking number. Use this number to track and check the status of your submitted application(s). Additionally, you will receive a grant receipt email confirmation within two business days.

If you have any questions regarding your Grants.Gov website, you can refer to their FAQs page. Alternatively, reach out to their support center at 1-800-518-4726 or

Grants are the lifeblood of nonprofits. In addition, an increasing number of small businesses are seeking grants to expand programs. Remember, there are also grant funding sources other than government grants. Many foundations and corporations are increasing their philanthropic efforts and providing grant funding.

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