How to Make Your Grant Application Stand Out

There’s a fine line between making your grant application stand out and getting eliminated because of going too far. Here are some tips from the team at GrantWatch to stand out:

1) Follow the directions

It really is that simple. This isn’t the place where you want to stand out from the others. Make sure you follow every direction and guideline. Meet your deadlines at worst – beating them is usually better – keep within the word count, use the font desired and use only the attachments wanted. If the grantor wants only to be contacted by email, don’t phone them or vice versa. Don’t give them an easy excuse to dismiss your proposal before it’s considered.

2) Do Your Research

Do everything you can to know the foundation with whom you’ll be communicating. Get to know what they’re about beyond the surface. Find out what programs they have funded. Find out through multiple sources if they’re available.

3) Make Sure Your Goals Align

Grant seekers must find grantors who missions and goals align. If they don’t, you’re wasting your time – and theirs.

4) Watch Your Language

Explain your work clearly, but don’t dive into buzzwords and jargon. Be clear and get to the point. Know – or, at the least, gain a better understanding – of the difference between providing details and getting lost in verbage.

5) Clean and Presentable

Make it as easy as possible for your potential grantor to navigate through your document. Don’t make the grantor hunt for basic components – such as your mission statement – and make certain your goals and objectives are clearly mapped out. Use an large, easy-to-read font – unless, of course, your grantor specifies something else.

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