Kentucky Humane Society Gets Grant to Help Pets Impacted by Tornadoes

The Kentucky Humane Society has received a $125,000 grant to help pets and their owners impacted by the recent tornadoes. A few weeks ago, tornadoes swept across six states, causing severe damage and destruction, as well as loss of life. Many people lost homes, personal belongings, and loved ones. However, many pets also lost their homes and found themselves displaced or in need of assistance.

“Many Kentucky animal shelters were already stressed and under-resourced before the storms,” said Kat Rooks, the initiative’s director for KHS Kentucky, in a statement. “Now they have the additional burdens of housing, feeding and caring for more animals and providing critical supplies to pet owners who may have lost everything. We are grateful that PetSmart Charities will help us support these pets and people during this critical time.”

GrantWatch has similar grants available to U.S. nonprofits and clubs for animal rescue and rehabilitation services. There are also grants to Kentucky and Indiana nonprofit organizations and government agencies in eligible counties for emergency needs related to tornadoes and storms in December of 2021. Funding is to address urgent community needs.

Pets Impacted by Tornadoes

While 90% of pet owners live in areas that are susceptible to natural disasters, many don’t have an emergency plan. An ASPCA survey states that 84 percent of pet owners don’t have emergency pet-friendly housing secured. In addition, 68 percent support government funding for emergency pet-friendly housing that makes it easier for pet owners to evacuate with their pets.

That’s why this kind of grant can is important. The Kentucky Humane Society donating $125,000 with supplies to animal shelters could make a major difference in helping these animals. Since December 12th, The Humane Society has also helped transport 125 cats and dogs to make room for incoming pets.

“No one is fully prepared to cope with a disaster like this one,” said Aimee Gilbreath, the president of PetSmart Charities. “But we knew our trusted partners at the Kentucky Humane Society would spring into action to help displaced people and pets. We’re glad to support the important work they do because when people experience trauma, they need the comfort of their pets more than ever. By alleviating their immediate worries about shelter and food, survivors can concentrate on the hard work of healing and recovery.”

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