Kicking Off the New Semester with 10 Grants for Teachers!

As students and teachers prepare to head back into the classroom winter break, it is important to continue to make sure teachers have the funding they need. Grants are a great way for teachers to get money for their classrooms to provide their students with quality education.

GrantWatch has a grant category on its site specifically for teachers, as well as one for education, elementary education, secondary education, and students.

Teaching can be a challenging profession. Between low wages, large class sizes, and little to no budget for teaching materials, many teachers question whether it is worth staying in the profession. According to the National Education Association, teachers spend a minimum of $459 every year on classroom supplies. In addition, the organization notes that most teachers work 50 hour work weeks.

Because of these challenges teachers face, it is imperative that they have access to any help, such as grants. These 10 grants below provide funding for a number of classroom initiatives and projects that benefit teachers and their students.

10 Grants that Provide Funding to Teachers

  1. Awards to U.S. educators for creative projects that enhance student learning. This program is open to principals, teachers, classified staff, and paraprofessionals in K-12 private and public schools.
  2. Grants to U.S. sixth through twelfth-grade teachers at public and nonprofit private schools to enhance science, technology, engineering, and math learning. Funding is to introduce creative project-based learning ideas that will make STEM learning fun.
  3. There are also grants of up to $750 to U.S. and territories music teachers for professional development activities. Funding is to support private and public studies and projects to help increase the applicant’s teaching and performing skills.
  4. Opportunities are also available for U.S. full-time public and public charter school educators, including counselors, librarians, and nurses to obtain funding for projects. Examples of learning opportunities include books, technology, and field trips.
  5. In-kind grants of essential school supplies to U.S. teachers in underserved schools. With each Supply A Teacher box delivered, a teacher receives items they need for a full semester of learning.
  6. Additionally, there are in-kind grants of software and training to U.S., Canada, and International educators. The purpose of this program is to give teachers access to software that will help their students master math facts.
  7. There are grants of up to $200 to U.S. educators of grades K-3 for professional development in early literacy.
  8. There are also in-kind grants to elementary and middle school educators to receive access to an online math program produced by the funding source.
  9. In addition, there is funding of up to $1,500 to high school chemistry teachers to improve instructional skills. Funding is for workshop and conference fees, travel, tuition and educational expenses, substitute teacher pay, books, and online resources.
  10. Finally there are grants of $1,000 to high school teachers to enhance classroom excellence, innovation, and activities related to STEAM fields.
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