Laid off from Big Tech? Maybe It’s Time to Look for Start-up Funding

Company layoffs are surging. It seems like many of the major tech companies keep announcing multiple rounds of layoffs. Though there are layoffs in many fields, it seems to be impacting some well-known, big tech companies particularly hard. ABC News recently reported that Google, Microsoft and Amazon are expected to lay off a combined, estimated 40,000 workers. The site also listed other companies that are laying off thousands of workers such as PayPal, Zoom and Twilio.

At GrantWatch, we understand the impact a job loss can have on laid-off workers and their families. For this reason, GrantWatch has a category specifically for startups/entrepreneurs. It can be daunting navigating severance pay, unemployment benefits, health insurance and other financial changes laid-off workers may face. However, there can be a bright side to a layoff.

Sometimes what seems like a misfortune can end up being something positive. If you are a laid-off tech worker who’s been thinking about translating your skills into a new business venture or creating a nonprofit organization, there may be grants for you.   

Looking for Start-Up Grants?  

If you’re new to searching for small business grants, you may be wondering what types of grants are available. Maybe you’re not even sure what a grant is. A grant is an award that a funding source gives to a business or nonprofit organization. It is usually in the form of money. “In-kind services” are another type of grant, a form of compensation “In lieu of money.” These are no-cost services provided to an organization. An example would be accounting or marketing services, or you may receive a product like software or office supplies.

GrantWatch would like to help see your vision funded. Many startup nonprofits and small businesses come to GrantWatch to find the latest funding for their vision or concept. Many budding entrepreneurs are unaware there are grants available to fund new businesses, especially in the technology field. 

In today’s article, GrantWatch will be including some of the top grants available for startups, as well as grants for big tech companies in need of financial assistance.

Top Start-Up Grants

  • Opportunities are available for tech start-up companies in the insurance industry to participate in business development programs.
  • Grants and in-kind support are also available to veteran-owned start-ups. The purpose of this program is to help entrepreneurs (who are veterans) successfully build their businesses. In addition to funding, businesses will receive support in strategic planning, operations, introductions and networking, and staffing.
  • There is also an opportunity for start-up businesses to participate in a program to test or deploy innovative prototypes or services addressing climate change issues in Alaska. Funding is available to assist early-stage companies seeking to secure initial customers.

Grants for Technology Businesses

  • Grants are available to software developers and companies for open-source projects and applications. Funding is for new and existing projects that include a technical component.
  • In-kind donations are also available to nonprofits and for-profit organizations to address cybersecurity issues. Grantees will receive software and resources. Eligible projects are related to software development and should improve the organization’s operations.
  • In addition, cooperative agreements are available to a nonprofit, for-profit (organization) or IHE to provide technical assistance to law enforcement agencies for camera programs.

Are you looking for more grants like the ones on this list? GrantWatch features an entire category of grants related to small businesses, the workforce, capital funding, and financial assistance.

With close to 8,000 grants currently available, is the leading grant listing directory. A MemberPlus+ subscription is necessary to view the full grant details, including eligibility criteria and application information. For more information, you can also visit the GrantWatch FAQ page.

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