National Nutrition Month: 10 Grants Focused on Health and Food

National Nutrition Month takes place in March and is a great time to focus on how critical nutrition is to our daily life. Individuals, families and organizations should use this opportunity to evaluate how healthy eating can improve their quality of life.

Here at GrantWatch, we want to help you celebrate this month-long holiday. For this reason, we are sharing some grants with you to help secure funding for all your organization’s initiatives. We hope this helps!

Ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month

We all know how important nutrition is, but how can we use this month to help people improve their nutrition habits? There are many ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month, so let’s talk about some ways you can make the greatest impact

For individuals:

  • Utilize March as a great starting point to look at what you’re eating. Are you eating healthy? Are you getting enough lean protein, fruits and vegetables? This can also be a fantastic opportunity for you to evaluate and make changes in your diet. If you’re curious, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has information on each major food group.
  • Use the MyFitnessPal tool to actually track your food intake to ensure you’re hitting your nutrition targets.

For Families:

  • This month can be a great time to start trying new, healthy recipes at home! Make it fun by letting every member of the family get involved.
  • Make an effort to prepare more nutritious family meals throughout the week.
  • Discuss nutritious food options with your kids and focus on building good eating habits early on.

For Nonprofits:

  • This can be a great time to promote healthy eating initiatives. You could also try hosting a healthy food drive or planning other events to focus on better educating your local community.

Grants to Help People Get Healthy

  1. Grants are available to K-8 schools for programs related to food and nutrition to benefit youth and children.
  2. There are also grants available to nonprofits and agencies to assess programs related to health and nutrition. 
  3. Funding is available to nonprofits for projects to enhance health through nutrition. The purpose of the program is to help prevent the onset of chronic health conditions through healthy eating. 
  4. In-kind grants are also offered to public and private schools to improve access to healthy and nutritious food. The purpose of this program is to promote the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in schools by providing schools with salad bars.
  5. In addition, grants are available to nonprofit organizations for programs to reduce childhood hunger.
  6. Opportunities are open for nonprofits and faith-based organizations to receive donated food and other essential items to distribute within the community.
  7. Grants are also available to nonprofits and individuals for projects to promote a plant-based diet and lifestyle for the general public.
  8. Additionally, funding is available to nonprofits, schools and veteran organizations to increase food security through gardening projects.
  9. Funding is also available to nonprofits to support grassroots organizations that effect positive change in the focus areas of environmental stewardship, food and agriculture, health equity and sustainable community development. 
  10. Finally, grants are open to nonprofits, medical and educational institutions, and faith-based and community organizations for projects related to nutrition.

GrantNews Notes:

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