Louisiana Awarded $12 million FEMA Grant To Mitigate Damage From COVID-19

There’s so much that’s going on in the world right now. So much of the United States has incurred serious damage from the COVID-19 pandemic. The state of Louisiana has received a FEMA grant (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to mitigate damage from COVID-19. This could be especially important to help Louisiana as a whole to recover. Louisiana has been hit hard by both the pandemic and Hurricane Laura. The hurricane also caused serious damage, and full recovery will take time. That’s why this $12 million FEMA grant award will be so critical.

Here’s what Louisiana Senator, Bill Cassidy, who announced the award, had to say:

Louisiana received a double blow this past year from both the COVID-19 pandemic and a barrage of devastating hurricanes. This federal funding ensures our hospitals, testing sites, and military personnel have adequate resources to help our state recover.”

Here’s how this FEMA Grant Award Will Be Allocated:

So, what are the funds from this grant award going to go towards?

Who will benefit the most as a result?

Well, to begin with: some of the money will be going to hospitals. The Louisiana Children’s Medical Center system (LCMC) will receive a total of $4.5 million in federal funds. Hospitals have been especially hard by the pandemic, and require significant resources. The hospital will use these funds for emergency measures caused by the pandemic. These federal funds will go to four LCMC community hospitals, as well as other care providers.

These emergency measures include the purchase of additional personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes masks, gowns, and other protective equipment needed to treat positive COVID-19 patients. Initial funding was allocated for these measures, and this will supplement that.

Additional funding of $1.04 million will also go to The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, to purchase more personal protective equipment. This funding will benefit both patients and providers by keeping everyone safe as we continue to fight this pandemic.

Federal Funding To Mitigate Damage From Hurricane Laura:

Funding from this grant will also go to try and mitigate damage from the hurricane. This will include an award of $6.43 million to The Louisiana Department of Military. This grant will pay the department for several actions taken during the hurricane. These actions include:

  • Deploying national guard troops to enforce security
  • Flood fighting activities
  • Safety assessments during and after Hurricane Laura made landfall

This funding will ensure that the Department receives adequate compensation for those crucial actions taken during the hurricane.

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