Missouri Nonprofit Gets Grant To Fund Affordable Housing In Branson

Elevate Branson, a nonprofit in Branson MO has received a $1 million grant through the Federal Loan Bank of Des Moines. This grant award will be used for an affordable housing project. Affordable housing is a critical point of conversation in the United States. Ensuring that families have a safe, secure place to live is important. Grant funds can help make initiatives focused on this issue a reality.

The nonprofit focuses on addressing the root cause of generational poverty to create real, lasting change. According to their website they do so by “providing resources, relationships, and a network of support that provides hope, dignity, and purposeful work.”

Affordable Housing Grants Can Create Safe & Affordable Homes For Residents

For this initiative, Elevate Branson partnered with Branson Bank to apply for and receive this grant award. These funds will create a program called Elevate Community project. Elevate Community Project will build 48 tiny homes. Leaders of this initiative say that this will be the largest development of tiny houses in the entire country.

Here’s what Brian Stallings, co-founder of Elevate Branson had to say about this program:

Not only is this funding essential for the project, but the award of this grant provides our project with credibility, stature, and security. No one wonders any longer if this kind of affordable housing project can happen in Branson. It’s happening.”

Branson Has A History of A Lack of Housing That’s Affordable:

There is a history in Branson, of people struggling to find adequate housing. The town relies heavily on tourism, which means that much of the foot traffic is seasonal. NPR published an article on the going’s-on in Branson. Referred to as the extended-motel trap, where workers cannot find reasonable housing. This is partly because during the high-tide tourist season, many properties are rented at high prices, leaving little for workers.

Seasonal workers in Branson also receive low-wages, which further depresses their chances of finding appropriate housing. Undoubtedly, this leads to a “trap” of temporary housing. Advocates in the town have been trying to push the local government to improve the conditions and provide more low-income housing in the area.

What Elevate Branson is doing, including this program could be a step in the right direction.

Elevate Branson Is Building A Community To Improve The Lives of Residents:

Elevate Branson has big plans for this community that will live in this development. The purpose of this program is to build “a fresh, safe positive sense of community with a philosophy of work.” Elevate Branson will be helping this community by providing resources, job training, and mentorship opportunities.

It’s important to hear stories where struggling families are given opportunities to find housing. We look forward to more nonprofits working to improve the lives of the communities they serve. For all those interested in applying for Housing Grants, to build, rehabilitate, or secure housing or other related actions, we have an entire category just for you. If you have any questions about this category or any other listed on GrantWatch, please reach out to our incredible customer service team at 561) 249-4129.

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