Medical Research Grant Awarded for $3.1 Million to Study Alzheimer’s Disease

The University of North Carolina School of Medicine was recently awarded a grant for $3.1 million dollars grant from the National Institute on Aging for an Alzheimer’s Disease study.

“Dual CHIP Functions Control Tau Triage in Alzheimer’s Disease”, a five-year project will be conducted by Todd Cohen, PhD, assistant professor of neurology, and Jonathan Schisler, PhD, assistant professor of pharmacology,  to study key concepts related to the regulation of tau, a protein that accumulates and aggregates in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s.

“The overarching goal of the study is to provide a new framework to better understand and target pathological tau species to alleviate tau-mediated toxicity and neurodegeneration in patients with Alzheimer’s disease,” according to an announcement in UNC news.

The study will define the critical events that occur during early-stage tau triage, a time period in healthy adults during which aberrant tau aggregation is counteracted by a neuroprotective response that involves the activity of CHIP.

By better understanding the intricacies of this biological process, the researchers hope to gain greater understanding to be used for the development of future therapeutic options for patients.

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