Michigan Expands Grant Program That Gives $500 to Teachers

The pandemic has been incredibly hard on both students and teachers. For many teachers, the pandemic has caused even more work. This is in addition to the unpaid work they already were doing. Teachers are disinfecting of classrooms, modifying lesson plans, teaching in online classrooms and more. However, in Michigan, the Governor announced a program that awards $500 grants to certain teachers.

This program, the Michigan Classroom Heroes COVID-19 grant program, is now expanded to reach more teachers and educators. Now, Great Start Readiness Program, Head Start, adult education, and young adult special education classroom teachers all qualify for these grant funds. In addition, education grants have increased during the pandemic, recognizing the strain on education across the US.

Michigan Expands Classroom Heroes Grant Program

This program expansion means that teachers working more than their designated hours and incurring costs may receive these funds. To receive this grant, educators have to perform at least 75% of their standard instruction workload in an in-person classroom. With many school districts returning to in-person learning, the timing is perfect for this Classroom Heroes COVID-19 Grant Program.

Governor Whitmer spoke on this grant expansion this week. “The MI Classroom Heroes COVID-19 Grants are just a small token of our gratitude to educators for going above and beyond during the pandemic. When COVID-19 hit, teachers worked around the clock to quickly transform from in-person teaching to remote instruction to ensure that their students could continue learning. It is simply the right thing to do to expand these grants to include all specific program teachers across the state.”

As more and more teachers return to the classroom and in-person instruction returns, these grant funds may be very helpful. In January, Governor Whitmer urged more schools to return to in-school instruction, after almost a year of distance learning. And now, $2.5 million has been allocated towards this program for the Classroom Heroes COVID-19 grant,.

The Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Treasury have partnered to award these grants. They aim to reach eligible teachers across the entire state. And, they hope to deliver these grant funds to this newly eligible group by June of this year.

GrantWatch Knows Education Is Always Important

One reason these kinds of grant programs are so important is because teachers are under more pressure during this pandemic. That’s why we are so glad to list education-related grants on our website. We are always happy to answer any questions about any of our listed grants on GrantWatch.

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