MLB Star Spends Quality Time with Sick Children

Yasiel Puig is no stranger to attention, whether it’s for hitting home runs or his off the field activities. Lately though, he has gained notoriety for his very generous giving. He has donated his time and efforts through his charity, The Wild Horse Foundation, to various organizations. Many of which he continuously supports. This time, while on an off day before playing a game in NYC. Puig decided to take another of his now famous helicopter rides over to upstate New York, to Camp Simcha. The organization is an overnight camp that has a focus on helping children and teens with cancer and other debilitating blood diseases.

The Energy

Puig couldn’t help but mention the energy he felt during his almost 4-hour tour of the facility. Mentioning how happy he was to be able to spend time with these kids and how it was one of the best days of his life. He spent time singing and dancing with the kids and staff of volunteers, as well as one on one with kids. He even played where’s Waldo with one of the kids while he was visiting the infirmary.

Although his attitude going into it was one of positivity towards the children, expecting the setting to be sad because of their illnesses. This quickly changed once Puig met the group and realized that they were more positive than he was. This led to a day full of positive experiences for the MLB baseball player and gave people a small insight into the work that Camp Simcha does for these kids.

Ongoing Work

This relationship with non-profits is not unique to this occasion from Puig’s part. The all-star player has gained notoriety for his yearly star-studded poker tournament raising funds for impoverished children, and their families. He puts together a large fund-raising event that benefits these families and children in the greater Cincinnati area, as well as in other cities around the country and has been doing so since 2017. He has become a great celebrity role model, for others to follow in his charitable contributions.

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