Federal Grant Aims to Reduce Violence in Crime-Riddled Dallas Neighborhood

The neighborhood of far northeast Dallas will be the recipient of additional funding through a federal grant is aimed at reducing the crime rate in the area. The neighborhood is home to two of the eight “tag zones” known to the Dallas Police Department as high violent crime areas. The area had previously received funding to jump-start “Project Safe Neighborhoods” which aims to target the geographic pockets of high violent crime activity within the city. This program has already seen some success with crime in the area dropping down 20 percent since its inception in 2018. This is what led the federal government to allocate further funding to the area in hopes of continuing the program and its success.

Allocation of Funds

All the funding will be used to target the far northeast Dallas area and its community organizations. Northeast Dallas will be the recipient of additional funding and will appropriate these recourses with some organizations receiving aid including a local youth boxing center where kids can go after school, where the aim is to help them have a safe space to go to. 

Although part of the funding will go directly to the community and the organizations within the designated area, some resources will also be used to fund proper police staffing. It will help partially fund the retaining of one sergeant and an additional 15 officers that are currently part of the project with the PSN as their assignments.

With the new grant and continued support from the community we can only hope that “Project Safe Neighborhoods” will continue to make a change in the areas in need of infrastructural support to reduce the local violent crime. Attorney General William Barr said in an interview that “with the continued success of the project they hope to be able to expand to other violent areas in need of funding.” Only time will tell.

If you, your organization, or local government require funding for projects such as “Project Safe Neighborhoods,” make sure to check out www.GrantWatch.com for possible funding resources. Also make sure to check out our other up to date Community News here.

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