7 Grants to Celebrate National Library Week

As a one-time librarian, I know the important role public libraries play in communities throughout our country. Not only a place to check out books and DVDs, libraries often are the hub for cultural and educational programs. In addition, over the last two decades libraries jumped on the technology train. There, you can find streaming services, free wifi and computer use, and access electronic databases from all over the world.

Now, get ready for National Library Week, April 4th through April 10th, to celebrate all that libraries do every day of the year.

While it’s true that libraries are about more than reading and books, both are top library priorities. Therefore, many libraries offer and support literacy programs throughout their communities. At GrantWatch, we recognize the important role libraries hold through our libraries and literacy grant category. There, we list over 400 literacy- and library-related grants currently open to grantseekers.

National Library Week Reminds Us of the Importance of Literacy and Reading

At GrantWatch, we know the importance of libraries, reading and literacy. So, here are seven literacy and library-related grants:

1. Firstly, in Pennsylvania, nonprofit libraries are eligible for grants for programs to increase high school graduation rates. For this grant, the goal is to fund projects that improve high school readiness, guide students with college and career planning, and ensure graduation from high school.

2. And, for Indiana libraries, there are grants to provide academic enrichment activities for youth. Here, funding may be used to develop new programs or to enhance and expand existing programs. In addition, grantees must serve at least 40 youth annually and may receive up to $2,500 per pupil.

3 & 4. For South Carolina, there are two literacy grants accepting applications. First, up to $60,000 grants are available to fund literacy programs for adults and children. In addition, grants for integrated English literacy and civic education programs offer up to $10,000 each. For this grant, the purpose is to help adults become good English speakers. And a second purpose is to help them learn basic and advanced skills that will help them as parents, workers, and citizens. 

5. Missouri public libraries can apply for this grant for arts projects. For this grant, up to $2,000 is available for eligible activity programs, with grant funds covering expenses like marketing, travel, artist fees, and more.

6. And, for Quebec libraries, there’s grants to improve the quality of education. Here, two grant categories are available, one for professional development and one for innovation grants are available.

7. Finally, for teachers in the US and Canada, there are up to $2,000 grants to purchase books to enhance classroom libraries. For this grant, teachers must be in pre-K through 12th grade classrooms.

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