New Grants to Promote Scientific Research Careers

Scientific research drives health advances making the demand for scientific research greater than ever. Genomics, bioengineering, nervous system disorders and many other scientific fields have seen remarkable progress in the past decade. But viruses mutate and the desire for more effective medications are increasing. We need to put more great minds at science’s disposal to keep up with the demand. Grants to promote scientific research careers are so important to create interest in kids when they are young, continue to nurture them through college and beyond.

GrantWatch has a grant for NINDS Research Education Programs for Residents and Fellows in Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Create Children’s Interest in Science While They are Young

There’s a number of science programs for children age 4 and above. These young people have sponges for brains and can soak up so much knowledge very quickly. Programs are available from a few days to several weeks. By making science fun and interesting. children are more likely to pursue science when they get older. Currently, grants for teachers to teach science in interesting ways for K-12 students are now available.

Make Them Determined to Pursue Scientific Research in High School

Now that they have an interest in science from a young age, high school students will see the shortage in the workplace and the attractive salaries that go with them. They’ll observe this tightening labor market and consider lifetime careers in science rather than for clinical medicine, law, business, or other professions. As these students graduate, they will begin the next step in their scientific journey. College.

We Need Far More Young Creative Minds to Tap Into the Power of Science to Explore Questions of Vital Importance to Human Health

Grants to Promote Scientific Research Careers in College Will Be Instrumental in Filling the Demand

Talk may be cheap but college tuition certainly isn’t. Completing college costs hundreds of thousands of dollars at many universities. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. Too often, students don’t get into a science research career. Not because they’re not smart enough but because they don’t have the financial resources. They’re left with the choice of going to college and incurring a large amount of student loan debt or finding a more affordable career. Thankfully, there are grants out there that will help with their finances. One is this grant from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. You will also find over a hundred educational grants for college students here in many subjects including science.

GrantWatch Has Done Their Research on Staffing Scientific Research

Scientific research is in our blood at GrantWatch. Together, the energy and vision of a robust global scientific community can make a profound difference in one of the world’s noblest goals: improving the health of people all over the world. There is an immediate need to study the nervous system, the muscular system, the respiratory system, the immune system and other systems of the body. Grants to support scientific research is critical to improving modern medicine.

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