Small North Carolina Island Town Left Struggling to Recover as Result of Hurricane Dorian

Bogue’s Bank, a small quaint island town off the coast of North Carolina, was left questioning whether recovering would even be a possibility after a tornado rummaged through last Thursday. As the coast of North Carolina got ready to be battered by Hurricane Dorian last week, the people of the tiny barrier island were preparing for the worst.

Although most of the people had evacuated due to their proximity to the water, some stayed. Those who stayed were not ready for what would soon occur. The shifting climate and wind currents caused by Hurricane Dorian created a waterspout above the ocean on Thursday, which soon turned into a full fletched tornado ravaging through the community.

One of the areas most devastated by the sweeping tornado was Boardwalk RV park, a long-time source of beach themed joy for its residents, now stands mostly leveled. One such resident who experienced the torrential wind forces firsthand, was Joann Davy, 83, who had to do so while grabbing on for dear life from her kitchen, as the wind attempted to lift her trailer into the sky. The sheer intensity of the tornado has left the North Carolina town struggling to recover as Result of Hurricane Dorian.

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There are other stories just like hers scattered around the beachside RV park, and many are now questioning whether it is even possible for them to rebuild. Time will tell, but as insurance adjusters make their rounds through the park, it is clear that for those who decide to rebuild, a lot of work lies ahead.

Things like this happen widely with various types of natural disasters, and many stay stranded waiting for funds to rebuild or with no resources at all. Rebuilding grants are also great sources of help, if you qualify. Roam through GrantWatch to see if the help you need is available. We wrote an article last week speaking on the devastation that was endured in the Bahamas, and are now following that up with this North Carolina town struggling to recover as a result of Hurricane Dorian.