Putting an Extra Pep Into the STEM Program Step

Not everyone has the same access to the same options, especially when it comes to education. That’s important to remember when we think about schools that don’t have the same budgets and have to do more with less. In lower-income neighborhoods, or rural parts of the country, students may have less access to critical programs, including in STEM fields. Sometimes we see foundations or other grant-givers step in and try and close the gap in education. One such example is the grant that has recently been awarded to the Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

The $25,000 grant, which is being awarded by The Avedis Foundation, is to go towards the Gordan Copper Technology Center’s STEM on Wheels program. A statement put out by the foundation’s President and CEO, Kathy Laster, had this to say about the grant: “The Avedis Foundation is pleased to support the Sprockets Robotics Team 2341 STEM on Wheels Program with this grant. This unique STEM on Wheels program will bring healthy living and fun STEM activities to elementary students in rural communities that would otherwise not have the opportunity.”

The Sprockets Robotics Team 2341; STEM on Wheels is actually a mobile camp offered to communities in Pottawatomie, Lincoln, and Seminole counties and makes for an incredible initiative. This program is meant to bring STEM to elementary students, as well as healthy eating habits through fun and enjoyable activities for elementary students. The curriculum for this program is unique in that it is 100% student-written and student-led albeit under adult supervision. There is a critical mission to this program, and that is to bring STEM activities and healthy habits to students that would not otherwise have access to STEM camps. 

Sprockets team member Tansy Brooks, spoke about the group receiving this grant from the Avedis Foundation: “This grant will help us carry out the goal of our program to introduce science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills focused on health and wellness to the rural communities of Pottawatomie, Lincoln and Seminole counties” 

GrantWatch is excited to see programs like STEM on Wheels exist to further help elementary school students in rural areas have access to STEM education as well as healthy habits that will help them throughout their lives. We list grants specifically for elementary education on GrantWatch so that more nonprofits can help elementary school students to be able to have access to all the same opportunities. The important missions that nonprofits carry out to help students reach their true potential are critical, and we applaud all those who work tirelessly to do so.

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