Pikes Peak United Way Gets Grant To Feed Restaurant Workers

I’ve written this exact sentence more times than I care to count: Everyone is struggling. Usually, overusing a phrase or invoking that same emotion would be a bit much, but it’s true. Every day, rising COVID cases, new stories of small businesses struggling to make payroll, and foodbanks with lines around the block. Many people were already struggling before the pandemic, that this disruption has meant increased job loss and food insecurity for so many. Restaurants have been hit especially hard, as have their employees. An estimated 5.9 million restaurant workers had lost their jobs, and that number has only gotten worse. That’s why it’s good to hear that in the Pikes Peak region, a grant has been awarded to help feed displaced restaurant workers and support local restaurants as well.

Helping Restaurant Workers Catch A Break

Here’s what’s going on. The United Way of Pikes Peak was awarded a grant that they will use to support local restaurants. They will provide meals to displaced restaurant workers. This initiative, which is called Rally for Restaurant, will pay restaurants to provide meals for displaced restaurant workers and their families.

The Initiative was founded by a local Springs Native. They are a local blog in the Colorado Springs area and supported by the Colorado Springs Bartenders Guild and the Colorado Restaurant Association.

Rally For Restaurant Helps Families This Holiday Season

The program will allow select restaurants to provide 300 meals each week for eleven weeks. Two times per week two restaurants will serve 75 meals per week for a total of 300 every week. Each of these restaurants will be paid $15 for every meal they serve. This will help the restaurants make some extra money while also feeding displaced workers and their families.

Under this program, workers can claim up to four meals a day to feed themselves and their families. This program began on December 23rd and continue for eleven weeks.

Displaced workers looking to sign up can do so here.

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