Helping Hands Humane Society

I’m going to interrupt whatever your daily scheduled programming is to inform you that any stories that involve helping animals, especially puppies, are incredibly important and always need to be shared. There’s so much going on in the world, every single second of every single day, but stories about animals receiving help, that will always be important. 

So here’s a story about a grant that will go towards doing exactly that:

The Helping Hands Humane Society, in Topeka Kansas, provides sanctuary for animals in need of compassionate care and has received a grant in the amount of $1,000 to help them continue the critical work that they are doing.

It’s all due to the work of one dedicated volunteer. 

Here’s what happened: 

The director of the Helping Hands Humane Society, Grace Clinton, saw that Mutt Nation Foundation, which was started by Country Music Superstar Miranda Lambert and her mother Bev to shine a light on rescue animals and shelters, was going to be awarding grants to 10 randomly chosen individuals who volunteered at a shelter for at least one day in 2020. 

So, Clinton reached out to HHHS volunteers, and asked them to fill out the pledge to volunteer. Then, Clinton got a call that one volunteer, Holly Skow, had been chosen to receive the grant for Helping Hands Humane Society. 

Clinton had this to say about the Helping Hands Humane Society receiving the grant: 

We are SO grateful for our amazing volunteers who do so much for HHHS on the regular.” Clinton said, “We want to give a huge thanks to Holly, Miranda Lambert, and MuttNation for making this possible. 

The Helping Hands Humane Society mission statement reads thus: 

As advocates for animal welfare, Helping Hands Humane Society, Inc. provides sanctuary for animals in need of compassionate care and protection. We accept responsibility for:

Fostering the adoption of healthy animals into responsible homes and reuniting lost animals with their owners

Reducing overpopulation by promoting sterilization of animals

Providing an accessible facility with effective leadership and well-trained staff

Serving the community through education and addressing animal welfare issues

Maintaining a fiscally responsible organization by adhering to the highest standards of integrity

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