Report: Millennial Entrepreneurs Starting More Businesses at Earlier Age than Baby Boomers

Millennial entrepreneurs are starting more businesses at an earlier age than their parents, managing bigger staffs and targeting higher profits than their baby-boom predecessors, according to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report.

“The trend we have noticed is that you can succeed earlier,” said Remi Frank, global head of a key client group at BNP. “Before, you needed to be 40 or 50. Then it was 30 to 40. Now it’s 20 to 30. This is a trend that is obvious everywhere. Of course, it’s linked to the new technologies, but it’s also a change in the world, which [now] accepts that you can be the CEO of a big company or own your own company at a young age.”

Arkansas Capital is encouraging the next generation of young entrepreneurs to follow millennials by creating a competition to develop their business of college-level forward thinkers. “The Governor’s Cup” challenges teams of undergraduate and graduate students to bring business ideas and talents to life. Cash prizes are awarded to first, second and third-place winners in both the undergraduate and graduate tracks.

Millennial entrepreneurs, nonprofits, public and private foundations, and small businesses frustrated by the often-overwhelming process involved with searching for grants can identify funding opportunities that are easy to read and simple to comprehend at

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