Honoring National Doctors Day with Five Medical Grants

Every year to celebrate the important work physicians do, the country as a whole celebrates National Doctors Day. The day takes place on March 30th and is a way to honor the contributions of these doctors and the people they have helped. These professionals always put their patients first, but on this day the country works to put them first. GrantWatch will be recognizing the day today by sharing five grants that provide funding for doctors.

Doctors play a critical role in the world. Not only do they save lives every day, but they also conduct crucial research. The research these doctors do helps to improve current treatment options and gives the public more information into different conditions. Without doctors, society would suffer, people’s health would suffer, and there would be little medical advancements.

Ways to Celebrate National Doctors Day

  1. Write a thank you note to your primary doctor.
  2. Send flowers to your doctor.
  3. Volunteer at a hospital.
  4. Talk to someone you know who is a doctor to learn more about the field.
  5. Check out a book at your public library about the medical field or a notable physician in history.

Five Grants for National Doctors Day

  1. Firstly, there are grants of up to $10,000 to U.S. scientists, doctors, and nurses at USA-based universities, hospitals, and research institutions for research projects that address the long-term and immediate health needs of children born prematurely. Eligible research topics include genetics, basic biological processes governing development, clinical studies, studies of reproductive health, environmental toxicology, and social and behavioral studies.
  2. There are also grants to U.S. and Canada scientists and doctors working in nonprofit academic institutions for cancer research projects.
  3. Funding of $2,000 is available to U.S. students in doctoral programs for research projects related to hearing science and audiology. Funding is for studies that demonstrate how they promote the advancement of the audiology field and impact relevant clinical issues.
  4. In addition, there are grants to U.S., Canada, and International registered charities, healthcare providers, IHEs, medical associations, and community groups for innovative activities related to rare diseases.
  5. Lastly, there are grants to U.S. community-serving organizations, faith-based organizations, clinics, and tribal nations and organizations to improve and increase access to Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. The purpose of this program is to help advance training, capacity, support, and community experience with COVID-19 testing initiatives.

GrantNews Notes

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