Rural Small Businesses And Agricultural Producers Might Want To Think About Renewable Energy

If you’re an agricultural producer or small business in a rural area, you might want to hear more about Renewable energy sources. Did you know that the United States relies on several different forms of energy to power the entire country?

More Than Just Oil: Energy Comes In Many Forms

Energy Comes In Many Forms

According to the U.S Energy Information Administration: the U.S currently relies on several forms of energy to power the nation.
This includes:

  • 37% Petrolium
  • 32% Natural Gas
  • 11% Renewable Energy
  • 11% Coal
  • 8% Nuclear Power

If you are an agricultural producer or small business in a rural area and are looking to apply for a renewable energy grant or loan, we’ve listed it here on GrantWatch.

This means that there so many opportunities for these business owners and ag producers to consider alternative forms of energy, by applying for grants and loans to make their business operations more energy efficient.

Rural Areas Can Benefit From Alternative Forms of Energy

There are several reasons that businesses might want to consider this, like lowering their energy burden, and climate change concerns. However, beyond those considerations, renewable energy may now be the cheapest option overall and may present specific benefits for rural areas. Renewable energy sources can actually benefit rural areas in unique ways.

For example: during weather situations that can damage infrastructure and cause severe power outages that last for days if not weeks. However, if businesses are equipped with renewable energy on-site, that can keep the power on and be safe and energy supplied even during a storm or weather event.

Renewable Energy Is A Game Changer

Another benefit to renewable is a cut down on overall water usage, which for agriculture could be a major net benefit. Traditional forms of power like coal, use tons of water to power their power plants. In agricultural areas, this could mean serious competition for that water, a condition mitigated by the use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

In addition to these other benefits, the increased use of renewable energy around the country means that increased economic opportunities are surrounding these forms of energy. Lower costs could mean that more and more businesses begin to utilize them, and this could lead to higher profit and increased employment.

For this grant as well as any other energy-based grants, GrantWatch has worked to provide you with all the latest information and sources to help you to find the grant that’s right for you.

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