Seven Forestry Grants to Help Protect Forests in the U.S.

To quote the World Wildlife Foundation, “Forests are vital to life on Earth.”

And anyone who has ever taken a walk in nature will tell you, the beauty of forests and the clean air they provide are precious. Not to mention, their conservation is also vital to the preservation of the environment and the habitats of those animals and plant species that live there.

However, it seems like lately protecting forests has not been made the priority it should be. According to the TREE Foundation, forests used to cover 48 percent of all land on Earth. Now, the organization notes that half of these forests are no longer here and only one-fifth of the Earth’s original forests remain.

This is why funding initiatives pertaining to conservation, preservation, and education should be a top priority. For this reason, GrantWatch has decided to share seven forestry-related grants. We hope that this can raise some awareness about the importance of protecting our forests.

Some other facts about forests in the United States:

  • Protecting forest can help with fighting climate change:
    • Experts estimate that perserving forests and reversing nature loss could amount to 30% of our global action needs to fight climate change.
  • They are home to so many species:
    • While tropical forests only cover 10% of the earth’s land mass, they ammount for almost half of the world habitats.
  • COVID slowed down the world but forest loss accelerated:
    • Even in the middle of a worldwide economic slowdown, the loss of primary tropical forests in 2020 accelrated by 19% from the year before.
  • 13.2 million people are employed in some capacity within the forest industry.
    • An additional 42 million people are employed in industries connected to the forest industries.
  • There are three general categories of forests that exist in the United States:
    • The three categories of forests are boreal, tropical and temperate.

Seven Forestry Grants for Projects in the United States

  1. Firstly, there are grants of up to $10,000 for U.S. and Canada nonprofits, IHEs, indigenous organizations, and affiliates of the funder to promote sustainability in forestry. Funding is to support collaborative, innovative projects that advance sustainably managed forests.
  2. There are also grants available to Idaho agencies, nonprofits, IHE’s and tribes for projects that protect and restore forests. Funding will help to restore, protect, and develop the state’s forests and related natural resources.
  3. Additionally, there are grants to U.S. and territories nonprofits, for-profits, agencies, tribes, and IHEs to improve forest health and economies. Funding is for projects that increase wood product manufacturing capacity and promote the use of renewable wood energy.
  4. Grants for U.S. nonprofits, universities, and tribes for projects that enhance outdoor recreation and improve the health of public forests. Funding is for on-the-ground restoration and conservation projects that make a significant impact on the National Forest System.
  5. There are also grants available to Wyoming organizations and communities for forestry development programs, education, and tree-planting programs.
  6. In addition, there is funding for U.S. and territories nonprofit organizations, local government agencies, and tribes for activities to conserve forestlands. The money is to support projects involving private forests under threat of conversion to non-forest purposes, which offer recreational opportunities and public access, protect wildlife habitat and water supplies, serve as demonstration sites for private forest landowners, and provide economic benefits from timber and non-timber products.
  7. Finally, there are grants available to Maryland individuals, nonprofits, and schools, and agencies for forestry projects.

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