Six Grants to Help Support Journalists and Their Work

Journalism is an incredibly important field. Every single day, journalists work tirelessly to bring the news to people all over the world. Many even risk their lives to bring groundbreaking details to the public.

It is worth supporting and preserving the work of journalists. The first amendment to the constitution dictates the right to a free and open press, and that is a fundamental aspect of American society. The work that these journalists do every single day benefits us all, and that work can be expensive, especially when it comes to independent work not being conducted by massive corporate news companies.

According to the Charles Koch Institute, the United States is ranked only 45th out of 180 countries in a report on media freedom. And since the rise of internet and social media, the profession has taken a major hit. The Pew Research Center notes that U.S. newsroom employment has fallen 26 percent since 2008.

For these reasons, it is imperative to support young journalists, along with those that have been in the field for some time. That’s why we’re sharing six grants to help support journalists and their incredible work. We hope that this grant list can be helpful to the field of journalism and news reporting overall.

Six Grants for Current Journalists and Aspiring Reporters

  1. Firtsly, there are grants of up to $10,000 to U.S. journalists to cover costs while researching and writing groundbreaking stories. Prior to submitting an application, applicants must obtain a commitment letter of the proposed story in a U.S. media outlet. Funding is for expenses including equipment rental, document collection, and travel.
  2. There are also grants and in-kind support to U.S., Canada, and International journalists to produce work championing green Coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery activities.
  3. Grants are available to Florida high schools to enhance journalism programs. Funding is to strengthen high school newsrooms in order to provide students with early exposure to the media.
  4. In addition, funding is available to U.S., Canada, and International journalists for projects that raise public awareness about under-reported news items. Funding is to encourage collaboration as well as the use of new techniques for information gathering and data analysis. Applicants that represent a broad array of social, racial, ethnic, underrepresented groups, and economic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.
  5. There is also funding of up to $8,000 for U.S. journalists to report on climate change. Priority will go to journalists and newsrooms who represent a range of diverse backgrounds. Focus areas of reporting include coastal stories, based on recent climate research, for publication or broadcast by news outlets in U.S. coastal states.
  6. Finally, there are grants availeble to U.S., Canada, and International women journalists for career advancement in news reporting. Funding is for projects and career development activities, including conferences, workshops, security training, media development, and technical skills-building training. The goal of this program is to give outstanding women journalists the ability to turn their reporting ambitions into reality.

GrantNews Notes

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