Summer is Almost Here! But First Check Out These 10 Sports & Recreation Grants

The start of summer is only days away and now is the time to enjoy the nice weather and take advantage of what the outdoors have to offer. Going outdoors can be very beneficial to one’s physical, as well as mental health. Not only does spending time outside help reduce stress and lower blood pressure, but it also is a great source of Vitamin D.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, “Being outside in green spaces supports an active and healthy lifestyle, which has shown to increase life expectancy, improve sleep quality and reduce cancer risk.” Especially in today’s modern and digital world, it is important for children to take time away from their screens and appreciate nature.

As summer grows closer, GrantWatch wanted to help by highlighting some of the top sports and recreation grants available. These grants range from funding for outdoor community events to grants for sports programs and recreational activities. GrantWatch hopes you and your loved ones have a wonderful summer! And don’t forget to take some time to enjoy all the season can give you.

10 Sports & Recreation Grants for the Summer

  1. Firstly, there are grants to nonprofits to present professional music concert series in small to medium-sized cities and towns. The public spaces in which the concerts are to take place must be outdoors.
  2. Additionally, grants of up to $25,000 are available to New Jersey summer camp programs to support operations and enable families to participate in camp.
  3. Grants are also open to nonprofits, agencies, land trusts, and individuals for projects that increase rock climbing accessibility.
  4. In addition, there are grants of up to $10,000 to nonprofits and government agencies to ensure the future of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding.
  5. Funding is available to nonprofits for projects related to boating and the environment. Funding is for projects promoting water safety, developing economical personal safety equipment, and minimizing the deleterious effects boating can have on the environment.
  6. There are also grants to anchor replacement groups and climbing organizations to support initiatives to replace inadequate fixed anchors on established routes in local climbing areas.
  7. Grants to youth athletic organizations to enhance youth in sports programs. Funding is to help support and broaden programs that are high quality, attract diverse ethnic and socio-economic youth, and promote character building, education, and active healthy, and drug-free behaviors, including event participation in track and field and cross country/road running.
  8. In-kind grants of yoga mats to U.S.-certified yoga teachers to increase access to yoga, particularly in underserved populations. Mats are provided and shipped free of charge to support service projects.
  9. There are also in-kind donations of insulin to nonprofit diabetes summer camps. The program is to ensure that children with diabetes up to age 18 can enjoy a full camp experience.
  10. Grants to organizations to increase access and participation in softball and baseball for youth.

GrantNews Notes

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